That statement from my extremely generous brother, Kevin, led to a beautiful, unplanned vacation in the Bahamas. He paid for my airfare and treated our 90-year-old mom and me (in the pic) to an all-expenses paid trip to the exquisite SLS Baha Mar Resort. He personally went to check us in and left his credit charge to pay all our expenses. Honestly, your girl is back from that trip feeling so incredibly loved by God, who made His Presence deeply felt with me the entire trip.

Starting from that morning before that conversation with Kevin, I accidentally pulled out my swimming shorts. So, when Kevin asked to talk to me about something, I remembered seeing those shorts I used to wear on vacation in the Bahamas and immediately responded, “Talk to me in person! Send me a ticket to come over, please!” My God influencer, Ceri, has been teaching me that God talks to us continually in signs that are everywhere. Me pulling out those swim shorts that morning by accident was God saying, ‘Nik, My girl, I think you need a vacay!’ I did! I’m here back at work, recharged and refocused more than ever to be the greatest of all time person, wife, and mom, on behalf of God Himself! God’s Rockstar, baby!

Ceri has also influenced me to get into Rocky mode, training as if I’m preparing for a big fight – my life is currently one! So, for 50 days, I’m running a 5K (3.11 miles) every day to get myself in a fighter’s stance to take on my life like a professional boxer (don’t play with God’s girl!). That meant the morning before taking an early flight to the Bahamas, getting up and running in the dark. To get to that 3.11 miles, though, I decided to take a more extended route home. Can you believe that as I’m passing my cousin’s house around 5 am, he sent me his daily God devotional text as I’m directly in front of his house? Wow! God completely freaked me out, having my cousin send me his devotional text PRECISELY as I was in front of his home. Our footsteps are ordered by the Lord! God’s spirit told me to take that route home! I went to the Bahamas so happy feeling God’s Presence STRONGLY with me.

A very special God wink happened on the way back as well. I sent a message to my support group that morning while running my 3.11 miles on this gorgeous pier going out into the ocean at the hotel, saying:

“Feeling like God’s fav girl more than ever! Neeks, God wants you to know that you are secure in Him!”

I was referring to Kevin’s message to me one day under my God tree, saying that God wanted me to know I was secure in Him. Fast forward to the plane taking off to leave, I decided to see what God had to say to me in an appointment with Him. Look what incredibly showed up (written as if God was speaking directly to me):

“Remind yourself often that I am the One who makes you secure (Wink! Wink!)—in all circumstances.” – Jesus Always

God went to the trouble to figure out a way to confirm that text message! That was another one of my God winks, with everything lining up too perfectly to be some coincidence, with God reminding me that His invisible Presence is always with me. From texting that message to my support group early that morning (they’re sincerely helping me improve!) to taking off on that flight back home. Never one moment that God is not with us!

God. Thank You for all the love You show us all!!! May we all commit to walking closer with You at every moment. Amen!