That’s from my friend/loyal customer, Curtis! He was excited about my close relationship with God after I shared how God showed up for me using his words. This wink started this morning when a situation came up, and I remembered what he taught me one day about life being a game of chess where you strategize your moves four to five steps ahead and not checkers, where you quickly move without adequately thinking. I said, ‘Nik, it’s chess playing time! You must be the wise woman your brother, Kevin (in the pic with me!), has been training you to be.

Fast forward some hours later, I said let me have an appointment with God on our family’s website. It was 21 minutes past the hour, so I went to page 21, and look what incredibly showed up:

“Like this angel (Curtis) explained: Life is chess where you strategize 4 to 5 moves ahead, not checkers where you just react without thinking through the next moves.”

Currently, the website is up to 144 pages, so for me to go precisely to Curtis’ words on page 21 at 21 minutes past the hour was God’s sweet way of making me aware that His invisible Presence is with me (He knows every thought we think!!!). No coincidence whatsoever! And that I’m not handling this situation alone!

Now that’s really what’s up! Knowing you are not handling life alone and have the Creator of the universe walking with you through it all, talking with you, and even finding ways to cheer you up on difficult days. (HUGE SMILE)

I loved my conversation with Kevin today about not having to resort to drugs or alcohol to cope with life so that we can go to God instead and hash out the never-ending problems that come our way with Him. The Lord is our Shepherd!

Honestly, this relationship with God is the best! He wants to be our Man – our right hand, our go-to in every situation. With my problem from today, I’m asking Him, ‘God, how can I step into this and use it to glorify You even more?’ Being obedient to His direction one step at a time (every moment pausing before reacting and seeking His direction through His Spirit within us), knowing God’s ways are always best! HEEHAW! God’s girl, all the way, baby! God, we pray for your EXTRA strength and wisdom. Amen!