That’s my testimony! Like I just got off the phone with my daughter, Ember, and her boyfriend, Mo. Honestly, nerdy momma here sent Mo this message for Valentine’s Day:

“Just wanted to say thanks for being a beautiful friend and support to my daughter. Hearing her happy makes me happy.”

What I most like about Mo is his strong faith in God. When I asked him one day about where God fits in with the positivity that he stresses to our daughter, he gave the perfect response: “My faith in God is the reason I can be positive. Knowing everything will turn out good because I trust God controls my life.”

This is where I want us all, with our confidence in God, knowing that He is always with us and He is the ultimate Controller of every detail of our lives, including hooking my daughter up with such an excellent, wise, cool, down to earth guy who loves our daughter for both her strengths and weaknesses. She just finished an interview for an internship that she is pretty excited about getting, by the grace of God.

I gave my daughters deadlines to have jobs, and Julie rocked her interview this week! She was immediately hired, immediately started training, and immediately started working. She started making money the same day, clocking five hours of work! That’s how we do, boo! The interview was speedy, with Julie bragging about how she showed off her Julie charm, making the interviewer laugh. That’s my daughter!

I say all this to say don’t play around with your relationship with God. This blog is a testimony of a family rolling with God and how His blessings and favor follow us wherever we go, baby. Both of my daughters are in universities in New York, and I do not doubt that God’s Presence goes ahead of them, with them, behind them, and over them. Wholly protected and guided by God! That gives me the peace that you cannot buy! Make sure you have your appointments with God, asking for a closer walk with Him!