That was the type of tea hubby picked out for us to buy at the store on Sunday and where I want us all: EXTRA STRONG KNOWING GOD HIMSELF IS WITH US AT EVERY MOMENT OF OUR LIVES, HELPING AND SUPPORTING US (Wink! Wink!). I want the joy of the Lord to be our strength as we bravely and happily take on any challenges that come our way, tapping into God’s voice on a moment-by-moment basis as to what to do (or not do!), what to say (or not say!) and where to go (or not go!). We’re never alone; GOD IS WITH US!!! It’s just for us to spend time alone with Him to learn His voice and direction for our lives! NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT THAN LEARNING THE VOICE OF GOD!

For me, I love reading back through my old posts with such crucial reminders for me to tackle my life TODAY. I especially loved this one that reminded me to throw off anything that’s holding me back and the reminder from Kevin not to try to be God (let God do His thing!), but also learn to be extra soft and be God’s angel in the world:


‘Before you call your husband, have an appointment with God first!’ was what I thought to myself. The last time we spoke, it didn’t end well, and I wanted to call him from a gentler and softer place. It was 18 minutes past the hour, so I went to page 18 of our family’s website, and the perfect reminder showed up in this old post:


Are the words from my brother, Kevin, that I can’t seem to get out of my head this beautiful Sunday. This is where I believe God is calling us all – to be His angels in the world. God, I’m in! That means not being so hard on myself or on others. To see the good, their innocence, and what people can become. Not on past failures, fallings, and mistakes. To forgive endlessly with the hope that better days are ahead by God’s grace. Be kinder and gentler with our words (holding some back when necessary) and focused on building others up, not tearing them down.”

Right after reading that first paragraph, my husband surprisingly called me from Nigeria, and a much softer Nik showed up, asking him, “How’s our Big Daddy doin’?” He was bragging about some car parts our daughter, Ember, had ordered for him from the US and were shipped there to him. I then told him about a conversation I had with her late the night before. I said there was a verse that showed up in an appointment with God saying that we should strip off anything that slows us down or holds us back.

Hubby then got a phone call that he had to rush and take. So, I continued with my appointment with God reading that same post from page 18. Look what incredibly showed up there:

“Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off every encumbrance and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with endurance the race set out for us.” Wink! Wink!

I’m talking about the very verse (Hebrew 12:1) that showed up the night before for Ember and me! And just like that, God revealed His invisible Presence that is always with us. It was another God wink where, out of the blue, everything lined up extremely toooooo perfect to be considered some ordinary coincidence.

Ember actually came into my bedroom extremely late to discuss a decision she made. I asked her if she got God involved before making that choice. She said she had, and I then said, “Let’s see what God has to say to us reading my book.” It was 11:22 pm so I thought to read page 22. She said, however, that we should see what day November 22 is, and let’s read that day instead. That turned out to be the 326th day of the year, so we read Day 326. When this verse showed up, she felt it was God confirming she needed to strip away something that she felt was holding her back. That’s my very wise daughter, guys!

So, for Ember and I to go through all of that trouble for our appointment with God late last night and for this verse to show up, to me to tell my husband about this very verse first thing this morning, and for it to show up less than a minute after our conversation, was all God showing us His deep love and involvement in our lives. No coincidence!

It doesn’t get better than this, guys! Knowing God Himself is walking through life with you and that He is intimately involved in every single moment. From essential discussions with your children, to how to deal with a sometimes difficult spouse (SMILE), God is there to help.

In fact, yesterday, Coach Andy asked me on my run, “What is your song of the day?” I thought, ‘Leave The Door Open’ by Bruno Mars as I imagine God singing it to me, saying that He is leaving His door open, meaning His love, wisdom, approval, help, and guidance is always. I then hop in the car to take my sons to work with me, and amazingly my son, Joshie, of all songs on the world, is singing this very one to himself. No doubt, another God wink! Then all day long, I kept hearing it play on my fav radio station, 96.5, Miami’s Party Station. God’s love! By the way, He is leaving the door open for you, too! Wink! Wink!