That was the message I included in my last post! Can you believe God went to the trouble to confirm this in a movie from 2009 my daughter, Ember, picked for us to watch yesterday? At one point in the film, I told my husband that there was no way the underdogs of the movie would defeat a force against them with lots of military weapons to back them up. “They can’t possibly beat them!” I said. But right before the attack, someone from the “weaker” set did one crucial thing: went under a tree and PRAYED. Can you believe the prayer was answered and the “weaker” group defeated the “stronger” one? That movie left me with one HUGE impression: NEVER FORGET THE GOD FACTOR; PRAYERS DO CHANGE THINGS!

Nothing is impossible for God! We’re not going by the ordinary rules; God is working in the spiritual realm on our behalf. Our job is to show up in every moment, giving to the best of our abilities what God Himself would have us to do, listening and being obedient to God, then we leave the rest for Him! We walk by faith, not by sight! Trust God with all our hearts and lean not on our own understanding!

‘God, what would make you happy here?’ is the question I want us to ask continually. Not worrying about what anyone else is doing, just seeking to please God in all our ways. And when you do that, trust me, God works on your behalf like that movie brilliantly portrayed. God’s ways are not our ordinary ways, and just as I was saying in the film that there was no way for them to win, God comes through in unexpected ways we can’t even imagine. Obey God and leave the consequences with Him is my advice to you! Learn God’s voice for your life and follow Him step by step to your own victory! The joy of the Lord is our strength as we learn to fully trust that God has our backs no matter the difficult situations we face! Amen!