That’s my testimony, baby! Like I can’t get over how I wasn’t happy with some furniture we have at our office. I had the girls work with me to see if we could clean them up and make them nicer, but without luck. So in driving back from somewhere on Monday, it just so happened that we had to stop because of traffic directly in front of some people selling sets of brand new furniture like the ones we already have. I found myself staring at them and thinking that this was exactly what we needed to refresh our office for the new year. I thought the bright orange cushions would give the place a cheerful and happy vibe. Can you believe that without any discussions about it, within less than 24 hours, my husband was at the same place looking to buy the exact furniture I so loved the day before?

I promise you, hubby and I had no conversation about replacing that furniture! So how did he end up looking to buy it so quickly without talking to me about it? The answer: GOD! With some profound lessons for us all:

God is intimately involved in every detail of our lives! He knows everything about us, from every thought we think, everything we do, and everywhere we go. He knows all about it!
God is in control of everything and everyone! In our little human minds, we want to figure things out and control people and situations, but God is the ultimate controller of everything and everyone! Like He was saying, ‘Nik, you want that furniture for your office, I got you! He Himself ordered the footsteps of my husband to go to that place!
Give your best for God! I was so in love with the work I saw from a staff yesterday, Shula. Honestly, I see her going the extra mile to be excellent at what she does! She comes in with a joyful spirit and personality, putting her heart into her work. I encouraged her to keep shining bright for the other staff to see! Well done, our Shula! I promise you, we don’t work for anyone; we work for God, and God Himself rewards anything we do.
Like my brother Kevin says, “It is written!” This timing of my husband to strangely not go to work yesterday and to go to this exact spot of where my dream office furniture was located was all orchestrated by God Himself and arranged even before we were even born. We can therefore relax and be on chill about life and its happenings, knowing everything – the good, bad, and ugly are all a part of God’s plan for us. He knows what He is doing with each of us, and He has the perfect plans for our lives when we walk with Him. Our job is learning His voice and following wherever He leads us!
We love because God loves us! Honestly, I wasn’t happy with some brutal comments I heard from hubby that morning, but when he told me he was at that place, God immediately melted away all my bitter feelings to such intense love. I felt God telling me in my spirit to take the insults from hubby and keep silent. Not everything deserves a response, especially to this husband, who has earned my deep love and respect for how he goes overboard for us!

In talking to Kevin later, I told him I said to myself, ‘Nik, have a Coke and a smile, and shut up! Check your emotions and stand strong. Take the negative criticisms from hubs, improve from them what you can, and ignore the rest!’ Kevin is training me to be a wise and strong woman! Wink! Wink!

I went to work super happy, knowing God’s deep love and involvement in my life! I know that God sees my heart, and I need not stress about what anyone else thinks of me. I love my hubs, but God’s opinion is what counts most. I’m learning to live my life with one foot on earth, with all the disappointments, messiness, frustrations, and challenges, and one foot in heaven, seeking to please God, which still means shooting to be the best wife, mother, and person, all for His glory! Amen!