That was me to Ceri today, who agreed to me sharing all the powerful messages I’m learning from him. I had to thank him today for helping me stay strong for my family after he explained that I should replace the word “crush” with “disappointed.” When a situation came up for my sons, I was happy to share the lesson. That life is filled with disappointments, but we must learn to quickly shake them off and rise above them by using them as fuel to motivate us to be better, not bitter. We keep our eyes on God, knowing He can repay us more than what anyone can ever take from us. I can throw all the disappointments against everything God does for my family and me. I loved my appointment with Him today when He said this to me:
“So trust Me wholeheartedly, for I am taking care of you wonderfully well!” (HUGE SMILE)

He is! He is! But back to Ceri. I low-key stalk him (don’t tell my husband!), but he is making me a better wife, mom, and person. I even asked hubby today what I can do to assist him in Nigeria despite everything I have going on in the US with getting our business on track here. “You fight evil in the world by loving harder!” Wink! Wink! My kids and I had the best day at the office, where I was all day crying happy tears. Julie said she’s not worried about me anymore as she is about to fly off to university in New York and follow in her sister Ember’s footsteps. Today Ceri shared this important message in our Clubhouse app group called ‘Breakfast and the Bible.’ It happens at 6 am (Eastern time) for anyone who wants to join, and this message from Ceri today didn’t disappoint:

“Solomon asked for something that required God’s help. When we have wisdom or we have an understanding about certain things, when we have to think about it or put some sort of thought behind it, it still requires God’s help. If God had given Solomon money, or if He had given him all the riches and all these things or killed all his enemies, what would have been the chances that Solomon would have ever run to God for help? Most of the time, we run to God for help during periods of struggle, or we run to God for help if it’s something that is a bit more than we can bear. But in this particular instance, Solomon really wanted that wisdom.

Wisdom is the most powerful thing God possesses because he knows all, understands all and sees all. All that falls under that same category. It’s the knowledge that makes Him all Powerful. The knowledge is what’s more powerful than anything. The ability to make good decisions. Right decisions. To think fast and be able to know exactly what to do. God doesn’t just make rash decisions. Think about it. If He didn’t have the wisdom, He would just end things so fast. When people do things wrong, they’ll automatically, boom, drop down dead. If this did happen it would be like a quick decision behind it. Because God is all-powerful and all knowledge and all wisdom, He sees the bigger picture. He sees things later down the line. He sees the ripple effect. He sees how you need to go through this to get to that. This needs to happen so that this person can be helped.

I just had a lot of thought behind that particular verse and how it’s so important for us to always rely on God’s help. And always revert back to Him when we need it. And that’s where we get our wisdom from. That’s where we have the ability to use our wisdom. When we go to God for help, that’s the smartest thing we can do. I don’t care if you know everything in this world and understand everything. When you run into any situation, if its good or bad, the smartest thing you can do is turn to God and say, ‘Hey, God, am I making the right decision? God, is this the right thing to do?’ And sooner or later or whatever way He chooses, He will open up a way and find a way that this is the answer. This is the direction.”

Like God using my “311” as a reminder to be still and allow Him to fight my battles for me, staying on the high road with Him! That “311” has beautifully guided me as God exceeds my expectations the way He comes through for us. No joke!

Under the God tree today, I stole Ceri’s prayer that he unbelievably said when he was only a child asking God for wisdom. I called hubby to pray, saying that’s my prayer for us, that God will give us the wisdom to make the best decisions in tackling everything we’re currently facing. That’s my prayer for us all! Thanks, Ceri! Keep all the wonderful messages coming. As you inspire me, I hope to inspire the world! Amen!