I loved this message from another messenger from God I have, Richard. I was telling him how much he helped me when he purchased a car from us for his daughter. I bragged about companies in New York now fighting for my daughter to come and work with them and he said (I paraphrase here!), “God is God. No door that God can’t open when you have His favor in your life. Remember how Jesus fed the 5,000 with the five loaves and two fish? That’s how you will experience God in your life when you walk with Him! His special favor that no one can explain.” And honestly, these people are asking Ember to work for them without meeting her! She wants to stick with the Wall Street firm because they are also paying her a commission! All I’m saying to her is, “Don’t call me any more for money!!!” LOL!!! FAITH AND HARD WORK GO TOGETHER! Do the best of your abilities and leave the rest for God! (HUGE SMILE)

Richard also said something else that was very significant: “The only way to conquer evil in the world is through loving harder.” Wow! That blew me even the God maniac here away! I loved a special God wink through Richard that I wrote about in this old post:

“I loved the verse our customer, Richard, told me one day under my God tree:

“Vengeance is mines, says the Lord.”

Minutes after speaking to Him, it was 59 minutes past the hour, and I went to page 59 of our family’s website, and look what incredibly showed up there:

“Vengeance is Mine (Wink! Wink!); I will repay, says the Lord.” But if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him a drink.” – Romans 12:19-20

God went to the trouble of confirming that this is where He wants us all. So all day, I want us to have precious conversations with God about the battles we’re to fight and the ones to ignore and keep silent about. Everything is between God and us, not between us and anyone else. And let me tell ya, when I ask God to be the Guide and priority of my life, the blessings chase me down.”

Honestly, God has guided my life beautifully, and why it’s my pleasure to share with you guys the love I experience from Him. Our job is to love God first and then be about going the extra mile in love, reflecting God’s loving character to a watching world. Richard prayed for my lot to be filled with cars, so I called to tell him how I had purchased five vehicles this week! I’m expecting God’s favor in every aspect of my life! And I want you here with me knowing that we roll with the God who can feed 5,000 people with only fives loaves of bread and two fish! NOTHING IS TOO DIFFICULT FOR HIM! It’s just for us to walk with Him, following His lead (OBEY GOD AND LEAVE THE CONSEQUENCES WITH HIM!!!). Amen!