That’s my sister, Nora, to me like a broken record all the time. “But it is hard!!!” I answer back! But today, I’m going with Nora because life is all about perspective, baby! My friend, Joey, explained it this way:

“It’s not life. It is not life that can be hard and difficult, things are only difficult because we take it that way, our reactions to life make it hard. Jesus said, “in the world you will have tribulation but BE OF GOOD CHEER.” In other words, how we respond to life will make life easier. It is not life, it is us that need to change.” John 16:33

“Hi my love. R U OK. U R God’s girl!!” That was the cute message from my ninety-year-old mom a short while ago after I called her venting about my day. I assured her that she didn’t have to worry about me for one second because I genuinely believe I am God’s favorite girl. I’m serious! That’s how He honestly makes me feel!

Like talking to Nora last night, she says to me, “DON’T FORGET WHO YOU ARE AND WHOSE YOU ARE!!!” Guys, I started screaming!!! I had just had an appointment with God reading page 91 of our family’s website, and I grabbed my phone to show Nora what was there. PRECISELY ON MY SCREEN WERE HER EXACT WORDS: “DON’T FORGET WHO YOU ARE AND WHOSE YOU ARE!!!” (WINK! WINK!) This is why I’m serious about being God’s fav! How could Nora say the words I left on my phone’s screen fifteen minutes before? Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. That was no coincidence; IT WAS GOD’S WAY OF REVEALING HIS INVISIBLE PRESENCE WITH ME AND WRAPPING HIS ARMS AROUND ME TO SOOTHE MY RUFFLED NERVES. He is pretty talkative once you get to know Him!

Here’s the deal: GOD’S GRACE (His help, love, favor, support, and strength) is with us in every moment to take on whatever challenges come our way. It’s just for us to keep a laser focus on God (not the world and what’s going on around us), asking Him at every moment how to respond and doing our best to be obedient to Him. HIS GRACE IS SUFFICIENT TO TAKE ALL THE PROBLEMS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! That’s faith – KNOWING NOTHING IS TOUGHER THAN GOD, AND HE GOT US IN THE PALM OF HIS HANDS!!!

We can be on chill mode for life like my brother, Kevin, has been trying to teach me, not taking anything too seriously and enjoying our lives with God! RELAX AND BE OF GOOD CHEER BECAUSE WE KNOW WHO STANDS WITH US: GOD HIMSELF!!! GOD STRONG, BABY!!!


Honestly, I can’t get over these words from my husband today. He was amazed at how God arranged for us to come to Nigeria for the Christmas holiday, and how we ended up making a completely surprising decision that we are both extremely happy with. I’m the God maniac here, but for my husband to see and say it was all God’s plan, truly made me incredibly happy. It’s usually me who is always going crazy over how intimately God is involved in our lives!!!

This God story began on a day when I asked God if He would have me and the kids to travel to Nigeria for the Christmas holiday. We wanted my husband to come to the US, but he insisted that we come to him. So in an alone time with God, I felt Him speaking to me in an old post that we should overwhelm the leaders who work hard for us with love, respect and appreciation.

I knew God was referring to my hardworking husband! I called hubby right away, saying we were coming!!! He had already spoken to a travel agent who had arranged seats to travel on Qatar Airways, so he was waiting for the final confirmation from me so that he could pay her. I said go ahead and pay boo, your family is coming to be with you and overwhelm you with our deep love, appreciation and respect.

Fast forward maybe thirty minutes later, I’m back working at my desk, and an internet window screen opens up all by itself as if I had Google searched this: “FIFA WORLD CUP QATAR (Wink! Wink!) 2022”

I promise you guys, I had nothing to do with this QATAR showing up there because I don’t watch soccer at all. This was all orchestrated by God confirming that He Himself wanted us to go to Nigeria through QATAR!

Fast forward almost two months later, both hubby and I are freaked out over how God led us on this path to make this decision that we are both so thrilled about! God’s ways are not our ordinary human ways, they’re so much better!!! He has the best plans for our lives, it’s just for us to tap into His voice and follow His lead, even when He takes us out on difficult and rugged paths.

Are you involved God in your decisions? My life is becoming this extraordinary adventure with Him where He forever surprises me with His goodness – like this trip! I agree with David, who wrote:

“This most generous God who gives seed to the farmer that becomes bread for your meals is more than extravagant with you.” – 2 Corinthians 9:10, MSG

Don’t miss out! Ask God for a closer walk with Him, as we make this year our strongest year ever with God as our loving Planner (HUGE SMILE) and Guide on this beautiful life adventure with Him.


That was me to my husband yesterday morning after he finished a call. Fast forward like twenty minutes later, God used that very statement from me to let us know that His invisible Presence was there with us. I was praying to Him in my spirit, asking which book I should read to hubby for an appointment with God. I landed on a book called God’s Promises, filled with Bible verses, and the very chapter I picked incredibly included this:

“The LORD is my light and the one who saves me. I FEAR NO ONE (Wink! Wink!) The LORD protects my life; I am afraid of no one.”

Of all the books for me to choose, of all the chapters, God had my very words “FEAR NO ONE” planted there just to let me and hubby know that He was with us! That was no coincidence, but all tenderly and lovingly planned out by God to brighten our day and give us the peace, comfort, joy, and courage to know that we are not tackling our lives alone. He often tells me that I should let Him be the meaning of my composure! OUR HELP COMES FROM GOD, BABY!

Are you learning God’s voice? The other day, I was debating where to get some critical work done and ended up in our bedroom. As I’m there, a new friend, Vicky, called. I felt God in my spirit, taking my attention to a box of tissues next to my laptop saying, “Vicki: Extra Soft.” Believe it or not, this was God telling me He wanted me to practice being extra soft: loving, merciful, gentle, patient, kind, supportive, and compassionate. His sheep know His voice!

Right before that call, though, I spoke to my daughter, Julie, and she was having a rough moment, so I asked if we could have an appointment with God together. We read a recent post from Ceri about being strong and how God commands us to be strong. I explained to her how we have to look to God in every moment, every circumstance, and every decision, looking at everything from His perspective and not being blown away by every little challenge that comes our way. Julie said it was just how her brain worked, but I told her she has to change her thoughts of knowing our God is with us and for us! Instead of worrying and stressing, we can trust God to do what we can’t do by working on our behalf in the spiritual realm.

Got that? All day, every day, let’s start looking at everything from God’s perspective. That means spending time alone with Him to learn His voice by reading or listening to anything spiritual that brings you closer to Him. Like when He told me what book to read to hubby for that alone time with Him, I felt Him in my spirit directing me. When He again drew my attention to that tissue box, I knew it was Him saying, ‘Nik, this is where I want you right now – EXTRA SOFT!’ And I can say, ‘OK, Boss, I got you!’

I loved a conversation with my brother, Kevin, yesterday when he said this about how being this extra soft and extra loving person may be interpreted:

“Some say stupidly. Some say unconditionally. Some say nicely. Some say foolishly. Whatever word you want to use with it, you use it. And it ain’t about what some say; it’s what makes you feel good about what you do.”

I wrote back, “Being obedient to God is what I do. May His will be done with my life.” He then responded, “Just call it being obedient to God.” And for this God who is doing 10,000 things for me in one second, giving me more than I can ever ask or imagine (HIS WAYS ARE ALWAYS BEST!!!), it’s my honor to live a life trying to be obedient to Him. Even when it’s HARD because He more than makes up for the little stresses and trials He asks me to endure for Him! We all have our crosses, but we can carry them joyfully, knowing God helps us to carry them. When our human strength fails, we can tap into God’s Divine strength to keep going. Amen!


That’s the Buju Banton song I sang on the way walking/dancing back home from my God tree today. Yes, I’m back from Nigeria, running around our gorgeous neighborhood in Florida, and God didn’t disappoint in welcoming His girl back to our sacred place where I meet Him. This wink started right before I left our home, and I called my “311 girl” to let her know I was back in town. She asked me, “How do you forgive your husband if they keep doing the things that hurt you?” I Googled this verse and read it to her as my response:

“Above all, love one another deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.” – 1 Peter 4:8

And we ended up having a beautiful conversation about learning how to overlook and cover up offenses, and continually asking, ‘God, what would You have me to do (or not do), say (or not say), think (or not think!) and where would You have me to go (or not go!). Like complete and total obedience to God, who gives us more than we can ever ask for.

After speaking to her, I went to my God tree on my jog. I get to the end of the corner down from it, and there is a sign with the number 15. I felt God in my spirit saying that this was the page He wanted me to read on our family’s website for our appointment. Look what showed up on the very top of that page in the first post:

“Like I heard a celebrity say she wasn’t interested in pain, but pain is a part of the deal when you make a vow for better or worse because nobody’s perfect, and we all make mistakes. I write off hubs disappointments against all his good characteristics (there’s so much good) I love and adore, and I keep going. I swallow some bitter pills when necessary, and he does the same for me when I mess up.

“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.” – 1 Peter 4:8 (Wink! Wink!)

This verse showing up at the top of that page was another one of my precious God winks where everything lined up a little bit too perfect to be some ordinary coincidence. It was planted there by God Himself to let me know His invisible Presence is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS with me! THIS IS THE PEACE, JOY, COURAGE AND STRENGTH YOU CANNOT BUY KNOWING GOD IS WITH AND FOR YOU!!! Notice, though, how I felt Him in my spirit, saying to go specifically to page 15 when I looked at that sign (His sheep know His voice!). That’s the closeness with God I’m feeling, knowing I have unlimited access to Him on a 24-hour basis! And you do, too!!! Tell them we’re blessed, baby!!!

The reason why I call her my “311 Girl” is that’s the number God uses to remind us both to stay on the high road with Him being our most loving and best selves for Him. So, right after hanging up from her (less than a minute!), I noticed I got a text message from someone, and can you believe at the very top of my phone screen was the date and time I last received a message from this person: Tue, Sep 20, 3:11 (Wink! Wink!) PM. This is after I’ve written about it like a crazy lady of all the ways God would have “311” to show up someway somehow after me and this friend’s conversations.

May we all stay on the high road with God, loving extravagantly and covering deeply the sins and offenses of others and ourselves. Amen! The blessed life with God continues… (HUGE SMILE) Don’t miss out!


That was indeed the best advice I got from my brother, Kevin, recently. I had one of my awful moments, and I needed a little pep talk from him, and he came through telling me that I should make God a priority. And it turned out to be the best thing! Crazy that the God maniac here who is always preaching to you guys about getting closer to God needed that reminder, but I did.

I ran with the advice by having lots of alone time with God. I found Dr. Charles Stanley on YouTube, and he was like a personal messenger from God to help me through a rough life patch. It was tough talk that I needed to hear to make some significant decisions. So much so that I had no doubt whatsoever that this was God’s way of wrapping His arms around me to comfort me and melt away all my fears, frustrations, and anxieties. Dr. Stanley has built my faith in God so much stronger. He said no matter what we go through, we can know without any doubt that God is there standing with us. He is!!!

Do you have a personal relationship with God where you know His invisible Presence is with you, too? I enjoyed listening to one of Dr. Stanley’s sermons yesterday with my husband. It was about having a strong life. Where we build our lives on a solid foundation with God, and no matter what is going on we can be strong and not resort to drugs or alcohol to cope with difficulties. In it, he highly suggested having alone times with God. I’m a living testimony to the greatness of these appointments with God. His advice is always the best! I reread old posts, I have meditation books, and now I have Dr. Charles Stanley on YouTube. (HUGE SMILE)

God is pretty talkative once you get to know Him. He has guided my life on a terrific path, and I would be an awful human being if I didn’t share this awesome news with you. Make today the day you start taking your relationship with God seriously. I make many tough decisions following God’s leading (staying faithful and obedient to Him no matter what anyone else is doing!) and let me tell ya, those decisions always work out better than I can ever expect or imagine. Nothing better than going through life with God as your Companion and Guide! He doesn’t force Himself on us; He just patiently waits for you to invite Him in. Will you say, ‘God, I want a closer walk with You?’ Then start listening to Him in your spirit. Once we obey Him, we can confidently leave all consequences in His capable hands. Wink! Wink!


That was me to my guru (spiritual adviser), Kevin, yesterday. It was maybe a year ago. I called him asking how he predicted this statement when I called him all frustrated, sad, and emotionally hurting under my God tree:

“Neeks, you’re like a boxer right now. After getting hit (NOT PHYSICAL HITS) in your head like 10,000 times, you eventually get numb to the pain.”

Fast forward to a year later, your girl here has become numb to the hits! How did Kevin know this would happen? I have no doubt about it now; God speaks to me through Kevin. An ordinary human response would be to get out of the ring after 10 or 100 punches, Kevin encouraged me to stay even past the 10,000th punch, when I would eventually get numb to the pain. Who would advise such a thing? But that advice has paid off, and I’m super happy I stayed in the ring. True love has to be tested! (HUGE SMILE)

God has been teaching me that these hits were a part of the journey between Him and me, not between me and anyone else. He wants me to learn how to love unconditionally, then pass these lessons on to you guys. It has NOT been an easy journey (I’ve fallen like a million times), but I always felt I was doing it for the team (the entire human race!). To help us all learn these messy love lessons that God Himself would have us to learn.

God is love. He wants us all to abide in love with Him and each other. That’s what would make Papa God proud. The way Kevin has been supporting me and encouraging me to get back up when I fall with all His great advice has been all God’s way of showing me His deep love. And that’s my prayer for us, that we can all be God’s hands and feet and mouths in the world, His representatives, spreading His love wherever we go. Not easy, but God will be our strength when our human capacity to love and forgive fails. Our job isn’t to judge anyone, just to love and hopefully bring them closer to God, as Kevin lovingly has done for me.

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” – John 13:34-35 NIV