That was from my mom a few minutes ago, making me laugh over some messy stuff in my marriage. And if I’m keeping it real with you guys, it really was too much. I always tell you guys how I take the 10,000 punches, but this blow went way too far, and the crazy lady had to come and make a special appearance. I will take this, this, and this, but I can’t take this. Always, though, having constant conversations with God as to what He would have us take or not take — ALWAYS BEING OBEDIENT TO GOD!!! Got that?

“What is Kevin advising you to do?” That’s the question I loved yesterday regarding the whole complicated drama. I responded, “Kevin is advising me to be a wise woman. That I have too many things going on to rock the boat.” So that meant CALMING DOWN, PAUSING, AND SEEKING GOD’S PERSPECTIVE ON WHAT HE WOULD HAVE ME TO DO. It’s not what crazy lady wants, but what God Himself would have me do. I love the advice of my beloved Mottos for Success calendar that God talks to me through:

“A team player thinks of his teammates whenever he makes a move, and makes decisions according to what is better for the team, not just for himself.

Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others.” – Philippians 2:4

So with hubby in deny, deny, deny mode, I said to him today, “Hon, I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt. I love you infinity percent. I respect you A LOT. Please, let’s keep it like that.” This husband has truly earned my deep love and respect. Nobody gets it right all the time, says the lady who falls a million times, but in the same way God keeps unconditionally loving and forgiving us, we’re to do the same for others (especially in our homes!!!).

Honestly, even with all this messiness, can you believe today I’m saying a special prayer to God, THANKING HIM FOR EXCEEDING MY EXPECTATIONS? Even the fact that hubby denies everything is a huge blessing. I respect him because he tries to keep his wife and home happy. And like Kevin has taught me, “Neeks, Manny (my husband) takes great care of his family, he respects you, and there is nothing more you can ask for.” In other words, if he has his little side chicks (it is what it is, folks!), pretend you don’t see what you see or hear what you hear and be the glue keeping the home (the entire team) at peace and together. Just keep that s* over there, boo; not in my face. Homie don’t play that!