And I’m really enjoying it (HUGE SMILE)! It’s another testimony of the greatness of God when we involve Him in every aspect of our lives. Wow! The way God shows up for me is incredible! About two months ago, I was feeling so stressed and overwhelmed by everything I had on my plate to handle. I was out by the field where I run when my husband called asking for some important info. I’m usually able to easily access that information from my phone, but that morning, I couldn’t access it. And because I try to be this rockstar wife to this rockstar husband, I left that field and went to a little home office I have set up in my husband’s closet to use my laptop. Next to the computer was a book about faithfulness, and it talked about God’s faithfulness. It was exactly what I needed to read on that stressful day, not even imagining how I would tackle the massive assignments I was up against. It quoted this verse:

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” – Isaiah 41:10

Two months later, everything that was a concern for me that morning, I am proud and happy to report that they are all under control. Phew!!! How I got from there to here is a complete and total miracle! My help comes from the Lord, baby! I have to give a big thank you to our rockstar daughters, Ember and Julie. They went hard for me to get lots of the work completed. They stayed up late into the mornings, we went in on Sundays, and we did what we had to do. Thanks, my sweeties! You guys have a ride or die, momma for life!!!

I just got off the phone with my husband, and I asked, “How much does this wife love her husband?” He first said 80%! I jokingly cussed him saying, “This wife loves you infinity percent! I’m your gift from God, and you are my gift from Him. We ain’t perfect, but we’re close!!!” I can’t stop thanking him for the sacrifice he made by giving his blessings for me and the girls to leave him in Nigeria so they could pursue their dream of attending universities in New York. It has been extremely difficult on our marriage, but we felt strongly that God Himself was guiding our family.

Ember said she had dreams of working on Wall Street, the world’s financial capital, with one of the top companies there. Can you believe my daughter interviewed with one of those firms this week and is scheduled for the second round of interviews next week? Again, that’s the help and favor of God in our lives. We kept our eyes on the prize when all the silly distractions came up, staying on the high road with God.

That’s my advice to you today: STAY FOCUSED ON GOD WITH YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZE. The devil is doing his best to distract us by having us fight useless and nonsense battles (especially in our homes! Stay strong!). But when we keep our eyes on God, He lovingly guides us on the battles He would have us to fight. Joshie gave me the brochure from his church last night saying we should support each other. Time and energies are limited, let’s stay focused on being the going the extra mile, supportive, loving and forgiving people God would have us to be. Let me tell you, God gives us more than we can ever ask for or imagine! (WINK! WINK!)