We’ve been married for 20 years now, and most of the time, I go along with him on decisions, and sometimes when I don’t go along with him, I say to him, “Hon, I had to make an executive decision.” Very few times I’ve used this card, and he mostly goes along with me when I do, but yesterday he did not have it, and HE WAS FURIOUS. “Who gave you permission to do that?” he asked. In my mind, I wanted to say God, but I stuck with my line, “Hon, I had to make an executive decision.”

But honestly, it was God who told me to go ahead with that decision. God had this number “411” to show up starting from right before I called the person who helped me to move forward with this decision, then His telephone number incredibly ended in 411, then, throughout the whole entire process, God had the number “411” to show up. We made the deal final on 4/11. I go to write a check to complete the process, and the next check number was “4117.” Then little conversations with this rep, 411 just kept appearing. Even lately, going to a meeting with him and saying how I’m following this “411” lead from God, I’m leaving the meeting five minutes later, and “411” appears on a bus bench outside his building. Like every single step of the way, God appeared with this “411” saying, ‘Nik, I’m with you on this decision.’

So, I waited until hubby cooled down to explain myself to him again. Even though he fussed me out yesterday, God put it in my heart to stay on the high road with hubby (he has earned my love and respect). Can you believe God found a sweet way to let me know He was present at the end of that conversation? I’ve written so many times about how whenever I see 711 or 117 together, I know it’s God’s way of saying, ‘Nik, I’m with you.’ That His invisible Presence is always with me! The conversation with hubs came to exactly 11:17.

God even went as far as to confirm that this was Him when a conversation with our manager today ended in 1:17, with him feeling that it was God again revealing His invisible Presence with us. Amen! And this awareness of God’s Presence gives me the peace and the confidence to move forward (even without hubby’s approval sometimes). God is our ultimate Boss (Wink! Wink!) Hubby, in the end wished us the best with my decision.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” – Proverbs 3:5-6