That was me to our sons yesterday! And I’m so happy they went. Can you believe my twelve-year-old son, Joshie, came back excited to tell me what he learned? “Mommy, they talked about forgiveness and how important it is to forgive. The Pastor told a story of how someone held on to unforgiveness towards their parents for so many years and how it poisoned their life, causing them so many problems. However, Joshie explained, “If he had forgiven his parents instead and handed the unforgiveness over to God, he wouldn’t have walked around with all that poison in him, and he would have been much happier.” That’s my little twelve-year-old spiritual guru, guys!

Let me tell you, whatever anyone does is between them and God! Let’s just be the forgiving, going the extra mile in love people that God would have us to be. I know this forgiveness thing is hard, but when we keep our eyes fixed on God, obeying Him in every move, this is how He guides us on the path to the best life with Him.

I was just telling my husband how we had such a great time working with our kids this week. My daughter, Ember, and I, stayed back yesterday after the other kids left early, and I told her today how much I enjoyed being with her. The fact that we were arguing over who is God’s fav, me or her, is a testimony of how God shows our family such deep love. I told hubby it’s because he works so hard for us! He is our gift from God!

I just told hubs how he stole my confidence when he came to visit, though (tough boss!), but I’m building it back again by the grace of God. Let me tell ya, under my God tree today, God reminded me of the “411,” which is Him explicitly (no doubt whatsoever!) telling me that He will help me with our family business that has been through lots of ups and downs, but we’re not giving up. That I must just move confidently in the direction of my dreams, knowing He is behind the scenes helping us. Our grandchildren will enjoy this business. God is the owner; we just work for Him!

Are you getting God involved in every aspect of your life? It is not always easy, but always the best move to follow God. Sometimes I could be boiling mad with this hubby, but God has been teaching me to wise, calm, and strong and to control my emotions. And eventually, I got over whatever I was upset at him about, and focused on all the great qualities that I love. But that decision to keep forgiving, stay loving and loyal, following God’s lead, has been the best! My daughter and I are arguing over who is God’s fav! I love it!