That was me to someone who has inspired me greatly recently. He so hit the nail on the head of what I worry about lately that it freaked me out. It was another message from God Himself to me when he had another take on the “Be still and know that I am God” verse from Psalm 46:10:

“When we think of be still, we think of be still and stop moving. But in the original Hebrew text, that verse translates into something else. It translates as “let go and know that I am God.” When I found out that was what that context meant, it hit me like a ton of bricks. When you be still and know that God is in control, obviously, but being still means you can still, in some form of way, hold onto something. You can plant your feet firmly into the ground and hold onto something. You know that He is God, but you’re still holding on. But when you look at the Hebrew and how it was originally written, letting go and knowing that I am God, it gives it a whole different context. Letting go, you give up on it. Like God I don’t want nothing to do with it no more. That’s Yours. Like if you’re in a bad financial position and you don’t see your way out, instead of saying, ‘Lord, I don’t know where I will get this money from. Lord I don’t know how this is going to happen.’ You let go and say, “Lord, that’s Yours. I know it will happen. This Yours. This isn’t any longer for me. This all You.

And that was the original way He meant for it to be. He didn’t mean for us to be still. Being still is important, don’t get me wrong, because you still need to see God work, but if you really, really, really want to see God work, let it go. Let it go. It could be anything in your life. It could be you worrying about a bill (Me!!!!). It could be you worrying about a spouse. It could be you worrying about your own children. But sometimes, you just have to let it go. Give it to Him. Give God an opportunity to be God.”

Confession time! I’m so proud of my fierce daughters, who will both be attending universities in New York this September by the grace of God. But on the other hand, I’M TOTALLY FREAKING OUT OVER THE TUITION BILLS. God, what is this that we’ve gotten ourselves into!!! But when I heard this message, I knew it was God speaking directly to me. I needed to let go and give it to Him to handle.

I have no doubt that both of our daughters will be attending the universities that God Himself PERSONALLY picked out for them. And if I believe that will all my heart, I also have to trust that He knows how every tuition bill will be paid. I can, therefore, show up every day, doing my best with whatever He asks me to do, and I can comfortably leave the rest for Him to work out in the spiritual realm on our behalf.

In fact, I’ve turned the whole thing into a fun game between God and me. I’m taking our business as a lighthearted challenge God and I are working on together, saying, “Momma got tuition bills to pay!” My husband has so much on him, so I didn’t want to add another burden to his plate *which he doesnt mind!), but me wanting to be the superhero mom, I want to step up my work game to assist my hubby. So, a stressful dilemma has now become a fun adventure that God and I are handling together. HEEHAW!!! That’s faith, baby!