I’ve been like a broken record telling you guys in almost every post lately what my brother, Kevin, taught me, “God wants you to know that you are secure in Him.” Can you believe God went to the trouble to actually confirm that this is where He not only wants me but all of us?

So, in the middle of my run yesterday, I felt overly anxious about everything going on in my life and decided to stop my run to see what God had to say to me. The Nike running club app said I had at that point run .41 miles, so I went to page 41 of our family’s website and look what astonishingly showed up there:


LET ME TELL YOU! I woke up in the middle of the night, and because I couldn’t sleep, I looked for my phone to play my usual podcasts, but I couldn’t find it. I ended up using my son’s Siah’s, and when I noticed that a Joel Osteen sermon oddly downloaded itself, I said I better listen because it might be a message from God for me. After beating myself up so much lately, and asking God what’s wrong with me, He lovingly answered. Turns out, it was a specific communication through Victoria Osteen to the crazy lady over here…:

…Victoria continued: “I believe that God wants us to understand that we are secure in Him (Wink! Wink!).”

Again, that lined up too perfectly to be some ordinary coincidence for Victoria to say exactly what Kevin told me that God wants me to know that I’m secure in Him. God Himself had me to stop that run at exactly .41 miles and then had me to go page 41 of our website to confirm that message He gave me through Kevin that I’ve been repeating like a crazy person. See how intimately God is involved in our lives? From over a year ago, He had me to listen to that message from Victoria in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep on my son’s phone (not even my phone!!!). And even to go as far as having me write her words out in a post because He knew that yesterday I would be out feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and anxious, and would need that reminder from Him in the middle of that run.

Does it better than this guys? Knowing that the Creator of the entire universe is always with You, walking with you, guiding you, advising you, helping you, supporting you, protecting you, loving you, approving of you and that you don’t handle life alone? The new message to the crazy lady in my head when she shows up:

“Trust God from the bottom of your heart;
don’t try to figure out everything on your own.
Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go;
he’s the one who will keep you on track.” – Proverbs 3:5-6

Start paying attention to God’s voice that is always talking to you. Notice how I felt God in my spirit telling me when to stop that run and where to go to hear from Him. His nudges, impressions, cues, signs, and messages are all within and around us. It’s up to us to develop a relationship with Him, learn His crucial voice, and be obedient to Him. This life is too hard to do on our own; WE NEED GOD!


My daughters say I brag too much, but I call it boasting about the greatness of God and how intimately He’s involved in every detail of our lives. Not only in my life but also in yours once you have eyes to see Him and ears to hear Him. And that’s where I get my life’s purpose from, sharing with you guys how God is so loving and how He wants to be personally involved in every moment of our lives.

Like I just hung up from my sweetie pie sister, Marilyn. I told her how God is using ducks to remind me that He is my strength to help tackle any challenge that comes my way. Every morning I see them out on my run. They come and sometimes line up on our backyard fence. I went to the mall the other day, and we parked somewhere different, and there was a duck and her ducklings at that entrance. I started talking to them, “What are you guys doing here?!?” I knew this was God’s way of showing me another glimmer of His invisible Presence with me. His love too!!! (HUGE SMILE)

Then driving back from Julie’s graduation yesterday, Ember and Julie told me about a duck that wouldn’t leave Ember alone that started running after her. To a Facebook friend sharing a video of ducks on her morning walk. This all started one day when I had to stop to wait for some ducks to cross the street, and a couple of hours later, my nephew, Duro, called me asking if I like to eat ducks because he was at a duck restaurant. I then Googled the spiritual significance of ducks, and it meant STRENGTH.

Call me crazy, but honestly, I need to tap into God’s strength more than ever. That’s why I go to my God tree every day to remind myself that I have God’s strength backing me up as I take on this super heroic role for my family right now. There is a lot going on, but I’m tapping into God’s strength on a moment-by-moment basis asking Him for the wisdom and strength to help me navigate every situation step by step. This is His loving invitation to each of us:

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” – Matthew 11:28–29

And this yoke that is used to tie two farm animals together by the neck is what I imagine God and I have tied around our necks, as I courageously go through my life with Him. When the burdens get too much for your girl, I just use it as a reminder that I’m taking on too much of the stress and not giving them to God. I constantly remind myself that I’m trusting God, and He hasn’t failed me yet. Like Kevin taught me, “God wants me to know that I’m secure in Him.” Our God is faithful! No matter the difficulties and challenges, He has our back to help guide and advise us through any tough time.

I loved watching All American yesterday when Layla gave me such a great perspective on life, saying something like she takes all the disappointments, betrayals, and unfair things that happen and responds to them with Love, Forgiveness, Hope, and Purpose. That’s what I’ve decided to do. I’m using the negativity to up my work for God to spread His fragrance everywhere. Like if you are not rolling with God, you are missing out on the best guidance, love, wisdom, help, and support available. I want us all going to God all day long, PAUSING and continually asking what He would have us do, what to say and even where to go.

Talking to someone recently about a decision they made that’s not working out too well, I asked, “Did you pray and ask God first?” They honestly replied that they didn’t, and they were just excited about the choice and did not involve God. They are now learning a costly yet very valuable lesson: INVOLVE GOD IN EVERY DECISION! Peace and excitement from Him mean move forward confidently. However, no peace, silence from Him, doubt, mean don’t move. God never answers, maybe. It’s either a BIG YES or NO. A new lesson He has taught me, though, is, “Do it afraid,” as I feel Him taking me entirely out of my comfort zone, knowing I’m secure in Him, and you are too!


…FOCUS ON GETTING YOUR DAUGHTERS TO SCHOOL IN THE US.” Those were the words from my brother, Kevin, three years ago. After that conversation, your girl here was focused, man. The arguments with hubby ended. I became the best wife ever to try and persuade him that the girls should leave Nigeria and finish their high school education in the US. And today, I’m proud to officially announce I have two high school graduates, baby! To God be the glory! God Himself has been walking with us and guiding us along this path every step of the way. It has been the most challenging thing ever because it meant splitting our family into two, with the girls coming to the US with me, and our sons staying in Nigeria with my husband. “HARD THINGS ARE HARD!!!”

But what I really want you to know is that the same God who clearly walks with us is also walking with you. Julie and I have a little argument sometimes when I tell her that I’m God’s fav, but she says, “Everyone is God’s favorite.” I then reply, “Yes, that’s true, but He still loves me a little bit more than the rest of you guys.” (HUGE SMILE) I loved listening to these lyrics from Kanye West today:

“To the hustlers, killers, murderers, drug dealers even the strippers
(Jesus (God) walks with them)…
I ain’t here to argue about his facial features
Or here to convert atheists into believers
I’m just tryna say the way schools needs teachers…
that’s the way I need Jesus (God)”

I need Him, too! I love the way Dr. Charles Stanley explains it:

“”I’m going to be with you.”

So, the important thing is that we recognize that God is going to guide us in whatever He tells us to do. You think about all the decisions you have to make in life and think about decisions that pop up that you and I don’t even plan on, things that we don’t even have any details about. But He says, “I will guide you.”

That’s a promise that belongs to every single child of God, that you can’t bring up any issue that He doesn’t know all about it. You can’t bring up any question He doesn’t have an answer for…”GOD WANTS TO BE PERSONALLY INVOLVED IN EVERY SINGLE AREA OF YOUR LIFE.”

It’s just for us to invite Him in! And I promise you, you don’t have to get all cleaned up for God. Even at my lowest moments, I feel His Presence with me helping me to get back up and continue on with Him. It’s just a constant recalibration of where we are and seeking His guidance to get everything back on track, little by little and one step at a time, with our eyes back on the prize. I can boast of my weaknesses because those are the times I see God’s strength coming through to help me more than any other time. Even if I make one million mistakes, HE HAS MY BACK!!! That’s the love I want you know for yourself!!! His mercies are new every second, and He loves us all unconditionally. He even can use all our “bad” for such good! He is pretty amazing at that!

Tell God that today is the day you want to walk more closely with Him. He has the best plans for us, we just need to learn His voice and continually ask Him, “God, what would you have me to do here?” The more you practice listening and spending time with Him, you will get better that on a moment-by-moment basis you’ll be able to discern what God is saying specifically to you and only you. You’ll begin to feel Him directing you in your spirit or through many signs (lately, He has been using ducks to remind me that He is my strength!) and messengers like Kevin.

“The LORD says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.” – Psalms 32:8

That’s His promise to each of us!


That was me to my brother, Kevin, under the God tree today! I’m not going to lie to you, Kevin gives me direct messages from God Himself. His wisdom and my craziness go perfectly together when I share everything he teaches me with you guys. Like under my God tree yesterday, I saw that I had ran .71 miles, so I went to page 71 of our family’s website, and this message came up:


That’s what I just wrote to my brother, Kevin. Months ago, he suggested that I take on this mindset, but your girl here still loses it and turns into the crazy lady. But as of this moment, I’m going in complete CHILL mode, not taking anything too seriously, and most importantly, TRUSTING that God, my life’s Partner and Guide, has my back as I imagine Him singing these words to me:

“Maybe we can be ON CHILL tonight…I’m trying to hear all your problems so I can lighten the load. Know you’re not fighting alone because I’m protecting you from them (SO CHILL)” – On Chill, Wale”

I get back home, and as I’m dressing for work, I put my music on shuffle, and the first song to play was this:

“Maybe we can be ON CHILL tonight…I’m trying to hear all your problems so I can lighten the load. Know you’re not fighting alone because I’m protecting you from them (SO CHILL)” – On Chill

That again lined up too perfectly to be some ordinary coincidence! How could I get to the tree and see .71 miles, go to page 71, see those lyrics, and get back home for that song to be the first song to randomly play out of my entire library of songs? God HIMSELF wants me and you to know that there is never a moment that He is not with us!!! That means we can be chill (like Kevin said!), taking a lighthearted view of trouble and problems, knowing that as we show up doing our best (OUR .01%), God is at work in the spiritual realm on our behalf (doing the remaining 99.99%). (WINK! WINK!) That’s faith, baby!

AND EVEN WHEN WE ARE NOT OUR BEST (we don’t have to be all cleaned up for God!), GOD STILL HAS OUR BACK! That’s been my testimony for sure after all my craziness and weaknesses, even at my lowest points, God is there with me, supporting me and helping me. GOD IS LOVE. Even the way Kevin has been sticking with me for the last three difficult years has been such a huge blessing from God. Despite all my craziness, he almost always still picks up my calls or sends me a message that he will call me later. He joked, saying his job from God is to keep me happy (HUGE SMILE). Kevin’s voice is continually in my head:

“Neeks, I want you to make God your top priority. Get closer to God.”
“Neeks, I want you to work on being a wise woman.”
“Neeks, you’re going to have to be patient right now.”
“Neeks, marriage is like a team, when one person is weak, the other has to be strong and vice versa.”
“Neeks, be on chill for life. Don’t take anything or anyone too seriously.”
“Neeks, God wants you to know YOU ARE SECURE IN HIM.”

EVERYONE NEEDS A KEVIN IN THEIR LFE!!!! I was upset yesterday when I heard someone giving a lady the advice to leave her children’s father and go and move back in with her parents simply because she was not happy, without looking at it from the crucial God perspective. So, I’ve accepted my job from God (His superstar!) to share everything I’m learning from Him and Kevin with you guys.

Let me tell ya, God has been my beautiful Guide and Partner so much that every move I make now, I ask one critical question, ‘God, what would you have me to do here?’ Trust me, not always easy, but when I look back on some tough decisions, I smile and say, ‘WOW, GOD, YOUR WAYS ARE ALWAYS BEST!!! Off to spend the day with my awesome kids getting ready for Julie’s high school graduation. HEEHAW!!! God, we’re grateful for all your love and guidance! In your Presence, there is FULLNESS of JOY!


I can’t get over these recent words from my messenger from God/brother, Kevin, when I called him from under my God tree. But what indeed amazes me, though, is the extent God would go to get me to understand that He stands STRONGLY with me in every aspect of my life.

Like yesterday, I was working on a crucial report, and one of the figures shockingly included “811118.” After working all day on it, I left it for a bit to just pray over it and have some conversations with God. A couple of hours later, I was lying next to my son Joshie, asking him the time. He replied, “8:11, and do you want to know why that is a God wink?” I screamed, “That’s a God wink at me!” I took him to my report to see the “811118” going forward AND backward. Wow! God freaked me out that I would ask Joshie what time it was at precisely 8:11 just to let me know He approved of my report. HEEHAW!!!

But can you believe the God wink for Joshie was a friend sitting next to him in his class yesterday who noticed “811” on the board and said to him that “811” is his lucky number? Would God really go to that extent to have that all lined up so perfectly to let me know I was secure in Him? Yup, He is pretty awesome and cool like that! Tell me, how could all that line up on its own to be some random coincidence? From me working on that report all day and for that 811118 to show up, to Joshie’s friend sitting next to him and saying, “811 is my lucky number,” after he sees it on the board, to me lying next to Joshie and asking him the time at precisely 8:11. That’s God’s love and intimate involvement in every moment of our lives!

Are you feeling His Presence with You? Notice He talks to me a lot through numbers and what we would call coincidences just as glimmers of His invisible Presence that is always with us. So that as we face the challenges and problems of life, we know that He is there with us, and we face nothing alone. OUR GOD IS FAITHFUL, AND HE IS WITH US!!! EVEN WHEN WE GET IT WRONG, HE WILL HAVE OUR BACK! He wants to be personally involved in every aspect of our lives, but we must take the time and effort to have a relationship with Him. No shame in my game; I run to God to get His perspective on every decision. Every circumstance. Every relationship. And I pray you do the same. (Wink! Wink!)


I can’t get over Him! The way He figures out these sweet ways to let me know that His invisible Presence is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS with me. Like yesterday, I was doing some work and thought to take a break and have an appointment with God. I saw the number 53 and decided to go to page 53 of our family’s website, and there were two posts there that God used to let me know He is intimately involved in every moment of my life.

The first wink began with me having the best time that morning, singing my heart out to God while playing Justin Bieber’s song ‘One Time.’ Look what amazingly showed up on page 53:

“I LOVE MY LIFE WITH HIM as I’m learning to enjoy His company in every moment. Yesterday, that meant singing my heart out to Him in Justin Bieber’s song, One Time:

“So we keep climbing to the mountain top. Your world is my world. And my fight is Your fight. You by my side, them troubles them not trouble me. I LOVE YOU!””

Like God was saying, ‘Nik, I saw you this morning singing this song to Me!’ No coincidence that out of 129 pages, I went specifically to THAT page to see THOSE lyrics that I sang to God THAT morning.

Next, my sweetie pie daughter, Julie, came and asked where I wanted my Minnie Mouse stool that they steal from me sometimes. I pointed somewhere, saying that stool is where I go when I’m having stressful moments and need to talk to God. Again, look what incredibly showed up on page 53 hours after that conversation with Julie:

“Like as I type this, I have my computer on top of a Minnie Mouse stool in a little, quiet corner of our home, which is extremely full at the moment. But this stool has been my go-to spot to meet with God whenever I’m having a rough moment, and believe it or not, He comes to comfort me.”

Again, this was God’s way of letting me know that He is with me in every moment, every conversation, every thought I think, every song I sing, He is always with me. I get to wake up every day saying I’m His Rockstar wife, mom and person! This is where I find true joy, peace, and fulfillment, knowing I handle nothing alone and that God is with me at every moment, helping me, guiding me, loving me (He makes me feel as if I’m His favorite girl!) and giving my life such purpose and meaning.

“Sorry, I’m not the fun mom,” I said last night to my daughter, Ember. But I’m in love with my quiet and simple life with God. This is the life I’ve designed with Him, and I wouldn’t trade for anybody else’s. Yes, I have some stuff where I definitely know I can improve in and some crosses He asks me to carry, but that’s all a part of my journey and evolution with God. He is the greatest friend ever because He helps me be better by lovingly having situations come up that force me to really look deep inside myself to figure out where I’m going wrong without looking for drugs, alcohol, or anything else of coping with my life. I go to God.

Make sure you are having your alone times with Him! Take some time every day reading or listening to something that brings you closer to Him. God is quite talkative, but you have to take time to hear what He has to say specifically to you and only to you. See how He found those ways to remind me that His Presence is with me reading page 53 because I took a few minutes to say, ‘God, I want to hear from You.’ Don’t miss out, the best life is close to God!!! We need Him!

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” – John 14:27


That was me to my brother/angel from God, Kevin, under my God tree today. He has been my crucial guard rail for the past three years, helping me make some pretty significant decisions. I had called him to tell him how my daughter, Ember, got a chance yesterday to witness how his advice to me has paid off. My daughters often question my decisions as to why I’m always the first to apologize to their dad, even if he was the one wrong, looking at me as some “weak” woman. Yesterday, Ember got to see that her mom was actually being very wise, as Kevin has been teaching me to be, choosing her battles wisely and leaving the insignificant ones to God.

Someone had called me requesting some information, and I needed to call my husband. We talked about the girls, and seeing him not playing around with his responsibility as their dad just blew me away. After telling Ember about the conversation, I asked her, “Now do you see why mom apologizes even when I’m not in the wrong. Your dad may have his ways, but he is truly God’s gift to our family. That’s why I’ve been teaching you to overwhelm him with your love and respect.”

Your girl here has become a professional at swallowing some bitter pills and taking emotionally painful punches, but I feel that’s my special role from God (Me a soldier!). To be the glue that’s keeping my family together and at the same time show you guys that love can still exist within imperfections. Love is a decision that we can make every day despite whatever has happened in the past, and we do it all for God. Hubby certainly puts up with the crazy God lady here who writes posts sharing all our family drama with the world!

“Obey God and leave the consequences to Him,” was the advice of Dr. Charles Stanley that I want us all running with. His ways are definitely not our ordinary human ways; they are so much better. He exceeds my expectations giving me more than I can ever ask or imagine when I follow His leading. That conversation with hubs yesterday really brought that reality home, ‘Nik, you are blessed!’

That’s why it’s so important to learn God’s voice for yourself. Like the “311” that has been showing up from Him to remind me to stay on the high road with Him, and again, making that decision every day to be still and show up as the best wife, mother, and person, leaving the battles with Him, has paid off tremendously. Sounds crazy that God would say all that through the number “311” but that “311” has beautifully guided me. God is pretty talkative, and I want us all to get to know Him better and His voice to understand the people He is calling us to be.

Like right after talking to Kevin about how thankful I was for him teaching me to be patient AND reading about how prayer and patience go together under my tree with God, I got in my car to go home, and exactly at that moment, the very lyrics on the radio at precisely that moment was ‘Grateful I had all the patience,’ by Meek Mill. Wink! Wink! That lined up too perfectly to be a coincidence! It was all orchestrated by God to let me know that His invisible Presence is always with me as I take on this superheroic mission on His behalf. Also, His fun, sweet, and playful personality to have THAT song of all songs in the world playing on the radio at that very moment.

“The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control…”

Let’s all be God’s superheroes doing everything for His glory, especially in our homes. This is how He guides us on the paths to the best life with Him as our Guide and Partner. Not always easy, but His Presence will be there to give us the strength, courage, and wisdom to get through anything. Grateful I had all the patience!


We have God’s Presence continually with us in every single moment of our lives!!!! Are you getting this crucial message that we don’t have to handle the ups and downs of life alone?!? This is my special assignment from Him to share with you the most valuable information of your existence that God is with us, for us, and on our side. It’s just for us to develop a relationship with Him and make Him our first love and priority. Then, tap into His voice all day, asking what He would have you do in the 1,000 decisions you make. You handle whatever He asks you to the best of your ability, then you leave the rest to Him to take on in the spiritual realm on your behalf (Wink! Wink!) Let me tell ya, God is an expert in everything!!! But enough from me, I loved this message from Dr. Charles Stanley yesterday, who has tremendously increased my faith in God (HUGE SMILE):

_“”I’m going to be with you.” _

So, the important thing is that we recognize that God is going to guide us in whatever He tells us to do. You think about all the decisions you have to make in life and think about decisions that pop up that you and I don’t even plan on, things that we don’t even have any details about. But He says, “I will guide you.”

That’s a promise that belongs to every single child of God, that you can’t bring up any issue that He doesn’t know all about it. You can’t bring up any question He doesn’t have an answer for. And He’s not going to say, “Well, maybe. “He’s not going to say, “Well, I’ll think about it, “and, “I forgot that. “GOD WANTS TO BE PERSONALLY INVOLVED IN EVERY SINGLE AREA OF YOUR LIFE, because He knows you and I live in a world that’s wicked, vile, corrupt, you name it, and Satan is our enemy. And therefore, God wants to be involved in every aspect of our life.

Then there’s a third thing that’s important here, and that’s this, and that is there should be many times in life when there’s a time of personal worship and meditation in our life, seeking His guidance and direction. And the more critical the decision, but the more time you and I should be spending in doing what? Just what we’re talking about here: meditating upon His Word. What did He say? How does He operate? And that more than likely, you and I will never come to a place in life where we think, “Well, I’ve got that down. “When somebody is all that cocky about their understanding of everything, you better watch out. Because, listen, times change, things change. God doesn’t change. But God, listen, God may change our sense of direction.
He may change what we’re doing.”

Got that? GOD WANTS TO BE PERSONALLY INVOLVED IN EVERY SINGLE AREA OF YOUR LIFE. It’s just for us to invite Him in. Say this prayer with me: ‘God, I want a closer walk with You.’ Then start having quiet times with Him reading or listening to anything spiritual that you feel brings you closer to Him. I try my best to go to my tree where I meet God every day, and not one moment there is wasted. I may run there so overwhelmed, but by the time I get back home, you should see me happy dancing, knowing that God is with me to take on whatever comes my way during the day. HEEHAW!!!

Like right now, I’m back and forth between writing this and working along with my fierce daughter, Ember, to solve a problem. I told her that it’s God guiding her mom as to where the issues are and that she should never forget that He is there to guide her. God is even an expert in computer software! All these different solutions and ideas are coming up as we take on the challenge step by step, and we’re slowly tackling it, by the grace of God!


There is a song that’s always playing on the radio, ‘Easy On Me,’ by Adele. And I always tell God I don’t want Him to go easy on me because I want to be His top soldier, learning all the difficult lessons He would have me to know so that I can come here as His Rockstar to pass these valuable lessons on to you guys. No problem, God, I got You! Wink! Wink!

This is a tough assignment at times, though. And yesterday was a terrible day where I let the sad and depressing thoughts get the best of me AGAIN. Hey, I’m still human! But like I told a neighbor today, these humiliating knockdowns are from me thinking about the wrong things, but knowing is half the battle. That’s why it’s called the battlefield of the mind. I’m literally my own worst enemy when I allow my mind to dwell on the unpleasant things of life and have a negative focus. And the most challenging part is God telling me I must be silent about everything and control my emotions. GOD, THIS IS HARD!!!

But let me tell you the sweetness of God. It was my Joshie’s birthday yesterday, and he insisted that we go to Dave and Buster’s. So, I had to take him and some friends in all my sadness. My daughter Julie came with me, and in wanted to show her something, I went and open my meditation book, He and I, written as if God was speaking to me and He had this to say:

“Aim to the best of your ability. Isn’t it for God? Why should you give up? My very little girl, YOU MUST BEGIN TO BE HAPPY TO SUFFER FOR ME.”

I knew right away that this was a direct message from God to me on this miserable day I was having. God, I’m happy to suffer for You! Don’t go easy on me!!!

And that’s my message for you guys today, God does ask us to suffer sometimes for Him. Life isn’t always easy, and God does ask us to do some hard things at times. Still, when I look around at all He is doing for me, I must put on God’s whole armor and do everything for His glory. No matter what anyone else is doing, I want to aim to be obedient to Him, even if it means taking the insults and keeping silent.

This is my prayer for us all stolen from Joel Osteen:

‘God, Help us to ignore insignificant distractions that try to keep us from Your best.’ Amen

Today, I’m enjoying working with my daughter, Julie. I’m sucking up every moment with her before she leaves for university in New York shortly, by the grace of God. She’s a huge example of why I say everything is between God and me, not between me and anyone else. I told her that I promised my daughter, Ember, no more crazy momma. These fierce daughters deserve the best mom to show up for them.

Ember stayed late with me the other night at work to help me, and I was so impressed at how she handled the assignment. Hubby called and said I should teach them everything I know. That day’s lesson was that sometimes you have to suffer and endure complex stuff. I made her go hard and long because I’m preparing her for life, and sometimes you must ENDURE without giving up. Today, it’s Julie’s turn to learn this vital lesson.

The struggles are real, but God is there to help us through anything!!! Even the sufferings!!! That’s why He invites us to come with all our burdens to Him, and He will give us rest. Look how He found a way to cheer me up yesterday, asking me to be happy to suffer for Him. God, for all that You are doing for my family and me, anything to please You, let me learn.

“So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up. 10 Therefore, whenever we have the opportunity, we should do good to everyone.” – Galatians 6:9-10 NLT


I disagreed with this Facebook post yesterday because let me tell ya, it’s wisdom sometimes to put on a fake smile and keep it moving. I told them how I could be boiling angry inside, but I’ve learned to put on a poker face and keep my emotions in check. Even yesterday, I had my daughter with me at work, and a representative came from one of our banks to say hello. I brought Julie to my office to meet him because he brings such energy, personality, enthusiasm, and positivity with him. I told Julie, “This is how I want you to be when you go to New York. No matter how you feel inside, you show up with that joyful, fun, and eager attitude. You fake it if you must!”

There is an art to this wisdom thing that I’m learning from God and a big part of that is knowing the battles to fight and the ones to ignore. I loved this message from my Joel Osteen’s inspirational email today:

“And they regarded Saul with contempt and did not bring him a gift. BUT HE IGNORED THE INSULT AND KEPT SILENT.” – 1 Samuel 10:27

That’s wisdom, baby! We have to get great at this ignoring if we’re going to live God’s best life, He had planned for us before we were even born. Unfortunately, that means faking it (putting a smile on your face) whenever necessary and leaving certain situations and people with God to fight for us. I loved the verse our customer, Richard, told me one day under my God tree:

“Vengeance is mines, says the Lord.”

Minutes after speaking to Him, it was 59 minutes past the hour, and I went to page 59 of our family’s website, and look what incredibly showed up there:

“Vengeance is Mine; I will repay, says the Lord.” But if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him a drink.” – Romans 12:19-20

God went to the trouble of confirming that this is where He wants us all. So all day, I want us to have precious conversations with God about the battles we’re to fight and the ones to ignore and keep silent about. Everything is between God and us, not between us and anyone else. And let me tell ya, when I ask God to be the Guide and priority of my life, the blessings chase me down.

Yesterday was one of the best days ever with my daughter, Julie. Today it’s Ember’s turn, and I’m so happy teaching them my side of the family hustle for when she starts her college internships in New York, by the grace of God. Teamwork makes the dream work! This morning, I ran into a fellow jogger who explained that everyone has their cross to carry, but he opened his arms and said, “Look around. Look where you live. You’re in paradise!” That’s the blessings of God that I don’t want you guys missing out on. God has been the trusted Guide of our family. Not that we’re perfect, but even the imperfections are all a part of His perfection to help us be calmer, wiser, more loving, braver, and closer to Him people. I loved what my brother, Kevin, said today when I said God was teaching me courage. He said, “No, God is teaching you to depend on Him for your security and not other people.”

Pray all day. Every day. Tapping into God’s direction for our lives on a moment by moment as we show up as our best and shiniest selves, all for His glory! Amen!