“TRUST IN THE LORD WITH ALL YOUR HEART and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path.” Proverbs 3:5-6

These verses have become the foundation of my life. Meaning I don’t have to have the next 100 steps of my life all figured out; I can simply go to God each step, acknowledge him by asking what he would have me to do, and be obedient to him and go to the next step. Again, ask what he would have me to do, be obedient to Him, and then go to the next step. Got that? My life has become a continual conversation with God as to where to go, what to do, and what to say. And if I get it wrong, God even knows how to use my mistakes and failures for my good, teaching me crucial lessons that He Himself would have me to learn.

Here’s how I made an important decision recently. After begging my husband to come and visit with us in the US from Nigeria, he insisted that me and our four kids come to him there. After seeing I wasn’t going to get him to come to us, I said let me have an appointment with God about it. The message I received was that we were to overwhelm the leaders who work so hard for us with love, appreciation and respect and I said that’s my husband. And I took it as my cue from God that we should go and make the long journey to see him.

Before making this final decision, hubby had already asked a travel agent to search for fights, and she found seats for us to fly on Qatar airways. Fast forward to me going back to my desk about thirty minutes later after that appointment with God and deciding to fly on Qatar Air, a Google screen suddenly appears on my screen as if I had typed this in the search bar: “world cup Qatar 2022.” I promise you guys, I did not type this, and no one else did. It just suddenly appeared on its own as God giving me a personal confirmation that this trip to Nigeria was what He Himself would have us to do.

Trust me guys, I have no interest in The World Cup and I would not have typed it into Google. This was God letting me know that His Presence would accompany us on this trip. Even when there was rough turbulence on the flight, I was at peace knowing God Himself was there with us. Again, that’s the peace and love you can’t buy, knowing God is personally involved in your life.

It happened again today when we went out with hubby. On the way to where we were going, I had an appointment with God reading back an old post from our family’s website about a time I was working on my book until 2 am in the morning, and I wrote about the Boys to Men song, ‘I will get there.’ I promise you guys, as we got in our car to leave from where we were going, my electronic Nook reader again open by itself to this exact post in my book, Keep Calm, You’re Rolling with God out of 366 posts there, with God revealing and confirming His Presence with us. The peace and joy you cannot buy with God making you aware of His invisible Presence with you. Are you getting closer to Him? Make sure you go to Him in every decision and begin feeling and listening to Him deep within you as He directs your path, one step at a time. Peace!!!