That’s the advice I got yesterday talking to a new reader of my blogs. “Nikki, you say the same thing every day. It always has something to do with your tree. They are very long and boring. Make them shorter!” Can you believe God got in on our conversation? I turned over a book that was next to my laptop, and it was already opened to this:

“Among the virtues which leave the deepest impression on the human spirit, which is the clearest of was influence the life and activity of men, is the Christian, theological, virtue of hope. In other words, if you take the same man and see him living in the fresh air of hope or lying under the weight of despair… In our relationships and contact with others, WE ARE EVERY DAY (Wink! Wink!) WITNESSES.” – Jesus As Friend

No way, after all those brutal remarks from my friend yesterday, that this book was opened to that very page next to my computer where I type these blogs. That was a message from God Himself to me – Nik, you’re my EVERY DAY witness!!! And honestly, it’s my honor and privilege to share my relationship with God and how He shows up for me in every aspect of my life so that hopefully, you will feel STRONGLY His Presence with you, too. That we’re not going through life alone and that GOD HIMSELF is ALWAYS with us! So instead of being overwhelmed and weighed down by the circumstances of our lives, we can have hope, baby! That the LORD Himself is on our side helping us! That’s my testimony!

I have to tell you about a special God wink I got under the tree yesterday, though! I started the day sending this message to my support group, saying to my brother Kevin that I’m ON CHILL mode like he taught me. Fast forward to going to my tree, I’m on the phone with my mom, and Kevin shows up there with her. I spoke to him for less than one minute, saying I was ON CHILL MODE FOR LIFE, and I hung up from them. Within thirty seconds of ending that call, in my library of close to 1,000 songs, look what song played:

“Maybe we can be ON CHILL (Wink! Wink!) tonight
Tryna hear all your problems so I can lighten the load
No you’re not fighting alone
‘Cause I’m protectin’ you from ’em, so chill”

No way this was some ordinary coincidence for this song to play within 30 seconds of that conversation with Kevin! God again found a sweet and fun way to reveal His invisible Presence with me and you with that vital message! And this awareness of God’s Presence is what gives me the courage, joy, and peace to take on my life. God wants us all here on chill mode, not taking anything too seriously because we are trusting Him. God Himself is behind the scenes of our lives, fighting for us and protecting us! THAT’S FAITH, BABY!

After speaking with this new friend, though, I needed to talk to her husband about some business, and honestly, he gave me such good advice. He pretty much said that we women are too emotional and we need to be more logical. Wow! That sums up where his wife and I get it seriously wrong and something that God has been trying to teach me for years now. God even brought it up AGAIN under the God tree today:

“Like this morning, I sent a text to another one of my angels saying they are teaching me this:

“Not to be the emotional, crazy lady reacting but a wise woman responding.”

Fast forward to a few minutes ago, looking for that message from Kevin, this showed up in the same email that came up:

“The goal is to develop spiritual stamina so when a problem occurs, I don’t react out of emotion but out of wisdom.” Wink! Wink!

This friend keeps repeatedly bringing up the same frustration, and I keep telling her that this situation was not her business to be concerned about (Let go and let God, my sweetie!. I said a big part of being wise is to know the battles we’re to fight and the battles to leave with God. Our job is to show up in every moment, asking God to give us the strength, guidance, and abilities to take on the battles that HE HIMSELF WOULD HAVE US FIGHT and not get distracted by the petty issues that make us all emotional and crazy. Me included! Stay focused on God! Amen!