That was me to my brother, Kevin, under the God tree today! I’m not going to lie to you, Kevin gives me direct messages from God Himself. His wisdom and my craziness go perfectly together when I share everything he teaches me with you guys. Like under my God tree yesterday, I saw that I had ran .71 miles, so I went to page 71 of our family’s website, and this message came up:


That’s what I just wrote to my brother, Kevin. Months ago, he suggested that I take on this mindset, but your girl here still loses it and turns into the crazy lady. But as of this moment, I’m going in complete CHILL mode, not taking anything too seriously, and most importantly, TRUSTING that God, my life’s Partner and Guide, has my back as I imagine Him singing these words to me:

“Maybe we can be ON CHILL tonight…I’m trying to hear all your problems so I can lighten the load. Know you’re not fighting alone because I’m protecting you from them (SO CHILL)” – On Chill, Wale”

I get back home, and as I’m dressing for work, I put my music on shuffle, and the first song to play was this:

“Maybe we can be ON CHILL tonight…I’m trying to hear all your problems so I can lighten the load. Know you’re not fighting alone because I’m protecting you from them (SO CHILL)” – On Chill

That again lined up too perfectly to be some ordinary coincidence! How could I get to the tree and see .71 miles, go to page 71, see those lyrics, and get back home for that song to be the first song to randomly play out of my entire library of songs? God HIMSELF wants me and you to know that there is never a moment that He is not with us!!! That means we can be chill (like Kevin said!), taking a lighthearted view of trouble and problems, knowing that as we show up doing our best (OUR .01%), God is at work in the spiritual realm on our behalf (doing the remaining 99.99%). (WINK! WINK!) That’s faith, baby!

AND EVEN WHEN WE ARE NOT OUR BEST (we don’t have to be all cleaned up for God!), GOD STILL HAS OUR BACK! That’s been my testimony for sure after all my craziness and weaknesses, even at my lowest points, God is there with me, supporting me and helping me. GOD IS LOVE. Even the way Kevin has been sticking with me for the last three difficult years has been such a huge blessing from God. Despite all my craziness, he almost always still picks up my calls or sends me a message that he will call me later. He joked, saying his job from God is to keep me happy (HUGE SMILE). Kevin’s voice is continually in my head:

“Neeks, I want you to make God your top priority. Get closer to God.”
“Neeks, I want you to work on being a wise woman.”
“Neeks, you’re going to have to be patient right now.”
“Neeks, marriage is like a team, when one person is weak, the other has to be strong and vice versa.”
“Neeks, be on chill for life. Don’t take anything or anyone too seriously.”
“Neeks, God wants you to know YOU ARE SECURE IN HIM.”

EVERYONE NEEDS A KEVIN IN THEIR LFE!!!! I was upset yesterday when I heard someone giving a lady the advice to leave her children’s father and go and move back in with her parents simply because she was not happy, without looking at it from the crucial God perspective. So, I’ve accepted my job from God (His superstar!) to share everything I’m learning from Him and Kevin with you guys.

Let me tell ya, God has been my beautiful Guide and Partner so much that every move I make now, I ask one critical question, ‘God, what would you have me to do here?’ Trust me, not always easy, but when I look back on some tough decisions, I smile and say, ‘WOW, GOD, YOUR WAYS ARE ALWAYS BEST!!! Off to spend the day with my awesome kids getting ready for Julie’s high school graduation. HEEHAW!!! God, we’re grateful for all your love and guidance! In your Presence, there is FULLNESS of JOY!