That’s my testimony, baby! This morning, I reread this in an old post:

“I can’t get over the love of God! Like I wrote this in a recent post: “My other numbers from Him are 7 and 11, showing up together in either direction. This combination is God saying: ‘Nik, wherever you are, there I am – My invisible Presence is always with you- You have my help, support, love, approval, wisdom, strength, favor, protection, and guidance available to you on a moment-by-moment basis.’

Can you believe Ember’s university is located directly off of road 117? See the love of God and how He seems to delight in EVERY detail of our lives. Those signs with these huge 117 on them were all I needed to rest in His peace knowing that even though I wasn’t with Ember, His Presence is there. That lined up too perfectly to be considered some coincidence, even with the hotel we stay at working out to be 1107 miles from our home. Call me crazy, but I have no doubt that God’s invisible Presence is always with us, no matter where we are, He is there. Amen!”

I called Ember this morning after reading this and told her that I have no doubt whatsoever that she is exactly at the university where God wants her. I asked her if she is reminded of God when she sees those signs saying 117 at the university’s entrance. She excitedly responded, “Yes! I see 117, 711, and 1107 a lot!!!” For her to say that “1107,” though, seriously made the God maniac here happy. To read that our hotel was precisely 1107 miles from our home in that old post and for Ember to say 1107 is how God reveals His invisible Presence with her just blew me away with God’s love and attention He pays to our family (HUGE SMILE).

The crazy thing was that I took Julie with me on that trip to drop off Ember thinking I could persuade her to also attend once she saw this beautiful, state-of-the-art university, but homegirl politely said “No thanks! I have my own dream university!’ And God has surprisingly been joining in with her like I wrote about in this other old post:

“Another wink we had yesterday was when the number 211 kept showing up for me, and we got to a university Julie wanted to visit, and incredibly the number on the building was 2011.”

Since then the number 211 has been showing up on the regular that I’ve given up! Julie and God have teamed up against me! See what I mean about God delighting in every detail of our lives? For Him to have a specific university for Ember and another university for Julie. When we talk to Ember about switching campuses to be closer to Julie, she immediately says, “No! I’m happy here!”

Don’t miss out on God’s loving Presence with you. He just asks us to go overboard in love, courage, patience, forgiveness, gentleness, and kindness with each other. Not always easy, but when we write off the disappointments against everything God is doing for us, we must say, ‘God, anything to please You, let me learn.’ I promise you, He gives us more than we can ever ask or imagine. As for me: “I press toward the mark for the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” Supermom, superwife, superperson, all for the glory of God!