We’re old Facebook friends, and today he shared this with me, and I want to share it with the world. It’s truly where I want us all, walking with God on a daily, hourly, and on a moment by moment basis. I’m enjoying God on a new level, but enough of me, here is Jimmy:

“When you spend every hour of every day with God the Father, you can not help but become like him. When I say spend time with God, I do not mean to remain silent, knowing he is there. I mean totally sharing your life with him in a spiritual realm, where you are speaking to him, and he is speaking to your spiritual ear. I mean TOTAL self-giving where you put him above everything else. I mean making his joy, your purpose in life. I mean living to be a blessing to him and ALL mankind. It is where you are constantly looking for ways to be a blessing, ANY WAY YOU CAN.

If you want to be righteous, it is not a part-time effort. You MUST hand everything over to God – every worry, every anxiety, all depression, every need. If you don’t, you will be too distracted to stay close to him. When you are able to do that, he will take care of all of it. It will take faith, trust, and patience.

It can be difficult to do. It will require a love-filled heart and a life of kindness. That means you aren’t being kind because it is the “Christian thing” to do. You have to be kind because it is YOUR essence – you absolutely are fed and nurtured by your kindness to God and others.

Like I said, it can be difficult, but only at first. It will, over time, become a way of life, and when it does you have achieved the highest level of spiritual maturity and are living in the favor of God.

Here is a prayer of self-giving you can say, every day, if necessary, to help you achieve a loving, righteous daily relationship with your friend and Father. Give it a try. It IS his will for all of us.


Most Heavenly Father, I commit from this day forward to give You my entire being, 100% mind, body and soul.

Today I make you number one in my life over everything else.

My desire is to put your needs above mine, so please refresh my

spirit so that I may hear your spiritual voice.

I rebuke my flesh and desire to only hear the Holy Spirit.

I make it my purpose in life to be a blessing to You at all times.

Please lead me and change me so that I can become one-in spirit with You, I will begin to share your nature, becoming like You.

That is my heart’s desire to be filled with love, kindness, mercy, goodness, patience, tolerance, understanding, and joy.

I offer myself as your loving child today and ask You to be my loving father.

I place myself, my very life, in your hands with complete trust, knowing that You are all I can depend on, and the only way I can survive.

I take all my fears, worries, anxieties and doubts, and hand them over to You, knowing that by doing that, I am allowing You to deal with them for me.

Lord, I have complete faith in your desire and ability to meet my every need.

Sweet Lord, I commit from this day on, to living a life of kindness to all.

To sum up this prayer of redemption, sweet Lord, I offer you my complete, true, unrestricted LOVE. You, and your joy, are my purpose in life.

Thank You for accepting me as your loving child today.

I pray this in the Name of Jesus, to You, The Father, AMEN!

Now go and live this prayer. Spend every waking hour thinking about and speaking to God. Share your life with him. A true relationship requires two-way communication, and I don’t mean prayer. Just talk to him. When it isn’t convenient to speak to him orally, speak to him mentally. Look for ways to bless. Start every day with a commitment to kindness. Every time you think about God, tell him that you love him. Why act like Jesus, when you can be like Jesus. Give God what he wants – you. You will never regret it.