Who would’ve have thought that getting hurt could be a good thing? It has for me! In fact, I use all the negatives that come my way – the failures, mistakes, bitterness, resentments, disappointments, aggravations, sadness, hurt, pain, sickness, feelings of loneliness and hopelessness – to get closer to God and to lean on His chest as I go through my life with Him. The negatives are HUGE reminders that I’m not going through life alone and motivation to get even closer to God. And let me tell ya, a life lived close to God is the best life.

Even after writing yesterday that Sunday mornings are hard being away from my husband and the boys, God showed up for me and my sons yesterday. I decided to call them on a run around our neighborhood. I ended up finding a place to sit and have an appointment with God with them. Joshie picked a number from our A Purpose Driven Life Devotional for kids and it said, “Joy is enjoying life in spite of problems. Joy is not the absence of suffering but the presence of God. That is why Paul says we rejoice in suffering because God is always with us.”

This was the essence of that last post I wrote hours before that appointment. I’m away from hubs and the boys (seriously hard), but feeling God’s Presence continually with me here in Miami, keeps me up and going like I’m God’s special girl. He gives me joy despite my sufferings at the moment. That message showing up was my God wink that God is with my boys, even though I’m not there.

No matter the situation we’re facing, we can focus on the Presence of God KNOWING HE IS ALWAYS WITH US. We can turn to God in every moment, leaning on His heart, seeking His face and trusting that His invisible Presence never leaves us.

I made a big mistake the other day, and I’m even turning that over to God and taking the BIG lesson as to look to God even more for His guidance in every decision. That means slowing down and not rushing to make quick decisions without His help. That means MORE listening to Him in my spirit before I make any move!

God s involved in every detail of our lives. We can use all those negatives to seek God. Pray continually knowing He is always there, LOVING TO BE BLIND, as we place our hands in His hands to lead us on the path to a delightful and peaceful life, despite them! Amen! GOD IS OUR GREATEST FRIEND!