I asked Him recently. And I believe He answered me today through one of my meditation books. It was the story of Paul, who wrote like half of the New Testament in the Bible. However, before he was Paul, he was Saul who went around persecuting and killing Christians. That was until God showed up, blinded him, and told him to meet some people where his sight was eventually restored. If not for this experience to get his attention, would Paul have become such a warrior for God?

After this encounter with God, Paul traveled tens of thousands of miles spreading Jesus’ message. His preaching eventually helped turn Christianity into a worldwide faith! He endured stonings, betrayals, shipwrecks, imprisonments, starvation, etc. all for God’s glory! That’s my kind of a guy!

So, God does allow “bad” to happen because He knows He can bring such good out from it. In fact, looking back on my life and the times I’ve asked, ‘God, what is this???’ have turned out to be some of the MOST valuable experiences. Your girl here had her own personal encounters with God. If not for them I wouldn’t be this crazy “God maniac,” let me tell ya!

And through the good, bad and ugly, I’ve come to know a God who is so in love with me, in love with you, in love with the billions of other people on this planet. My assignment is to get that message to you – YOU ARE DEEPLY LOVED AND APPROVED BY GOD (forget what anybody else thinks!) no matter your failures or mistakes from the past.

This world makes us feel so judged, unaccepted, and criticized all the time, but as annoying and messed up as I am, I know my God LOVES PUTTING UP WITH ME (I’m His girl!). This morning I woke up to the most beautiful message from Him:

“I BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU; I make My Face shine upon you; I turn My Face toward you and give you Peace. I want you to meditate on this blessing, for it expresses well the overflow of my heart towards you. Those who come to Me find not only approval but also rest for their souls.” – Jesus Calling

God shows me such DEEP love, and I want you feeling it too. Even when the bad comes, its coming from the hand of a faithful Father who knows exactly what He is doing with each and every one of us. As I look back in grateful remembrance of the past and how God has shown up for me, I can look forward to the future relaxed and at peace, TRUSTING GOD with all my confidence.