said the Chinese delivery guy to me yesterday!  “Are you saying that to get a bigger tip?” I jokingly responded!  Knowing me, that also was a God wink, because I was just thinking to myself how much I love my yard too!  I replaced about 50 plants recently that line the path to our front door and they lift my spirit every time I see them!


“ARE YOU FULLY LOVING EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE?” is my big question to you today?  These little plants, that I’ve fallen in love with, are teaching me to be more appreciative of everything, including the little things in my life that I would usually take for granted!  I want to suck as much from every moment!  A few minutes ago, I hung up the phone from speaking to a friend in Nigeria and only a few minutes of talking to her were so special and this morning my mom and sister surprised me with a three way call from the Bahamas and every second was priceless-LOVE YOU, GUYS!!!!!


“I go 0 to 100, real quick” was the Drake song I blasted in my car this week driving to work!  I cherish these drives, where I have the best time singing to myself!  And I’m really enjoying the clouds lately, as I drive, for some reason, admiring how beautiful they are!


Instead of a usual, boring “good morning” to my Jujupooh, my ten year old, I instead gave her the biggest hug, even taking time to smell her and tell her how much I love my baby girl!


Let’s live our bestest lives, loving fully everyone and everything!  Thanks Oprah Winfrey and Paulo Coelho for this excellent question today!  I’m also loving Super Soul Sundays on OWN!