That’s me to my daughter, Ember! She interviewed for an internship with a firm on Wall Street in New York (only the world’s financial capital!), and she got it! YAYYY!!!! Let me tell you, it took massive strength to get her there (HARD THINGS ARE HARD!!!), but I’m giving all the glory to God. He has been the FAITHFUL Partner and Guide of our family! That’s why it’s my pleasure to share my life – the good, bad, and ugly, and how God comes through for me in every aspect of it. HEEHAW!!!

Can you believe she called me about three years ago in Nigeria from the US saying that she wanted to attend the same universe I attended and work on Wall Street because I always talked about my time there. I said let’s go for it! She got accepted to that university with a pretty nice scholarship package! This is the daughter who argues with me over who is God’s favorite, me or her! FAITH AND HARD WORK. baby! They definitely went together.

Even when the momma was going through her little sad/down time, God stood strong with me. Ember and I fought. A lot!!! But she knows it was all from a space of wanting what was best for her. One time I got a report card reflecting too many B’s, and I called her immediately, going crazy, “What is this?” She said some parents would be happy if their kids got this report card. I responded, ‘Those parents don’t have you for a daughter!’ God has exceeded my expectations by sending me the bestest kids!!! (HUGE SMILE)

And when you follow and trust in God (obeying Him and leaving the consequences with Him), He will exceed your expectations, too. Like I can’t get over all I’m learning from a new friend/client, Ceri. When I told him about Ember’s interview with a Wall Street firm, he immediately said, ‘You mean Wall Street has an interview with her.’ I told Ember you go into that interview interviewing them if they will be a good fit for your time and energies!!! You rock, my daughter! Go with that type of confidence!”

Ceri, most importantly is teaching me Godfidence on a whole new level! To know that He is our Life Partner and is at work in the spiritual realm, I should dream big and let God be God. Amen! When I told Ceri about a certain daily profit level that my brother, Jason, inspired me to shoot for at our business, he said double that! And I’m seriously working towards that goal! Today on a breakfast chat group he spoke about not being distracted. When I told him about how I was crushed by a situation that is a huge distraction for me, he told me to rephrase that with “I was disappointed.” He said our words are so important. So, now instead of being crushed, your girl here takes the disappointments and uses them as fuel and motivation to step up her game in all areas. Even my 50 days of discipline are back on!

I suggest you do the same! Everything is between God and us, not between us and anyone else. Let’s ask God to give us the wisdom to use our time and energies well, all for His glory! Amen! No time for getting distracted by useless and unimportant issues. Stay focused on God!!!

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