…It wasn’t about waiting for my situation to change for the better (it actually went from bad to worse to worst!), it was really about God working to change me to be the wife, mom, and person He would have me to be,” was the conversation I had with my brother/angel from God, Kevin, today. And that’s the beautiful testimony I have to share with you guys today about how God is always working with us individually to become our best selves, all for His glory. HEEHAW!!!

‘God, what are the lessons here for me to learn?’ I asked Him when I got my heart broken again. There were many!!! I’m like my son, Joshie, who told me he didn’t want me to go easy on him because he wants to get into the University of Miami. I tell God the same thing, “Don’t go easy on me!!!” I want His tough love because I know that at the end of it all, I’m going to come out better, wiser, tougher, more courageous, loving, merciful, happier, more at peace, and I can go on and on. That’s the love of God, baby! He precisely knows the experiences we each individually need (the good, bad and ugly!). He is a God who is personally involved in bringing out the best in us.

“How are you really, really doing?” my sweetie sister, Marilyn (in the pic with me), asked me today. “I’m fantastic!” I answered. I call her “Madam Faithful” because of the dedication, faithfulness, dependability, and loyalty she demonstrates with a life of love and kindness. Thanks for that example, my boo. May the world learn from you. Amen.

But this quality of faithfulness and loyalty is repaid by God Himself. That’s why I tell you guys that I want to be on the highest road with God no matter what anyone else is doing. I just want to ask God to give me the strength to be obedient to Him, seeking to please Him in all my ways. When I do that, let me tell ya, God exceeds my expectations in every aspect of my life.

Even with this husband who is forever breaking my heart, I stay loyal. I tell God if I must be the poster child for the ride or die faithful wife for Him, no problem, because this husband is truly more than I can ever ask of a husband and father. He has exceeded our expectations. I was just joking with my daughter, Ember, how her sister, Julie, said if you look up spoilt in the dictionary, you will find a picture of Ember and me holding hands. Guilty as charged! I thanked hubs today for the beautiful life and family – he definitely spoils us! Another lesson from God has been learning to love others the way God loves us: UNCONDITIONALLY. Accepting everyone for both their strengths and weaknesses. Nobody’s perfect, y’all!