That was the vital question asked by an angel God sent to work with me. The kids ask, “Mom, what is his job?” I reply that his job is to make everyone happy, and he is excellent at that! As soon as he comes, we greet each other, saying, “Thank You, Jesus (God), and all day we continue repeatedly thanking God. He said one day, “We sell cars; we say thank You, Jesus. We don’t sell cars; we say Thank You, Jesus.” This morning he woke me up at 7 am, saying, “Don’t forget, we have a customer early today.” The employee was calling to wake up the boss to get to work (HUGE SMILE)! And we had a beautiful and fun day of car selling!

On that note, I jumped up from bed, and I was off for my run to my God tree. I can’t do this car business without Him! There God reminded me that even if I fall a million times, I should get back up a million and one. He also told me how proud He was of me. I might have fallen a lot, but I kept getting back up. And I did some hard things for Him (ANOTHER SMILE). Here’s that old post!


I questioned my daughters yesterday after they called, asking if they could go for a run in a nearby park. I wasn’t expecting this response (I paraphrase here): “Mom, you were the one who kept saying, “Let’s do hard things!” You’re so brave. You’re fearless! We see you running through bushes, over snakes, doing challenging things. We’re following you.” Wow! And that confirmed my change of perspective on this rough year!

Earlier that day, I felt God speaking to me through a “Suckcess Run” with Coach Bennet of the Nike Running Club. He talked about perspectives and how we can look at our failures from a different angle. So, here I’ve been thinking what a mess up I’ve been this year of what felt like a million falls, and thanks to Coach Bennet, I flipped it, feeling God had this to say, ‘Wow, Nik, you did some hard things for Me. You’re my little superhero. You might have fallen, but you were resilient, you kept getting back up. And you kept focused on building a closer relationship with Me. Great job! We have a lot to celebrate here!”

Then hearing my daughters remind me that they were watching their momma take on this challenging year was the icing on the cake. Not only did they see me, but I also shared with you guys how God would show up in every one of those falls to let me know He was with me.

And that’s the best perspective change ever. Knowing God is with you in the good times and the hard times. He has your back no matter how many times you fall and fail, and He loves you unconditionally no matter how many times you mess up. This year also importantly taught me that this is what He expects us to do for others – love unconditionally.

I love how God uses my husband to teach me all these love lessons to pass on to you guys. I told him today that all I know and all I need to know is that he is the best husband in the world. We may have our dark nights, but we rise up again with the hope that our best days are still ahead of us. We remain loyal to each other no matter what we go through. In fact, these difficult times seem to bring us even closer together. Go figure! Like we can go through the toughest times, survive, and recommit to getting even better TOGETHER! God’s ways are not our ordinary human ways; they’re so much better!

Are you getting CLOSER to Him? Say this prayer with me, ‘God, I want a closer walk with You.’ Then start having alone times seeking Him and asking Him to be a part of the 1,000 decisions you make every day, seeking to make Him happy. I promise you, the best life is close to God!!!