That was me to my daughter, Ember, today. She is a first-hand witness of everything going on with the momma – the good, bad and ugly – and how I try to handle everything from the Almighty God’s perspective. Like yesterday after she mentioned that I don’t like confrontations, I explained to her how God has been teaching me about silence. That I should hand Him any of my unsaid words like a bouquet of flowers to Him. That I could say anything to Him, but to others, I should practice being silent as an act of love towards them. And for God, who forever exceeds my expectations, I say, “Ok, I got You!’ What Ember considers a weakness, I call being obedient to God and staying on the high road with Him. But don’t get it twisted; when it’s time for the crazy lady to appear, she does, but not very often. It’s all about constant conversations with God moment-by-moment about what He would have me do.

And when we’re obedient to God, this is how He beautifully guides our lives on the paths that He would have us go. Ain’t always pretty, folks, but God has this way of turning the bad into such good when we learn all the sometimes challenging lessons He would have us to learn. Like me taking my kids to work with me. They hate it! But I know at the end, I’m raising some tough, rugged, fearless, responsible, excellent, persevering, wise and hardworking kids. That’s the plan! Same situation when I ask God, “What is this?” But I now know that it’s ALL from the hands of an incredibly loving God who always wants what’s best for us.

Are you getting to know God? Not a moment of spending time alone with Him is wasted. I find when I don’t go to my God tree and just spend just a few minutes with Him, my days are different than the times I go. Like yesterday was a beautiful time with Him there. Running up, I was playing a song, ‘I Got You,’ and the page I read on our family’s website was a post where I felt God saying, ‘Nik, I got you!’ This was extra special because yesterday was an important day for me regarding something I was handling, and God did have me; I got some excellent news. Thanks, My Love!!! (HUGE SMILE)

My new friend, Ceri, taught me to give God a chance to be God and stop trying to figure out everything for myself. God took control of the situation and exceeded my expectations. The God maniac here was blown away by how God is so intimately involved in our lives. It was months ago that our assistant answered the phone on speaker, and I heard the person calling asking to speak to my husband, and I took the call. That very day I was about to make a terrible decision, and this person was God’s way of saying, ‘Don’t do that, Nik!’ The love of God in action, baby! That phone call was perfectly timed by God Himself!!! And this person didn’t disappoint us, either! Things worked out better than I had imagined!

I loved the message from God through my meditation book that repeated the message from my brother, Kevin, that God wants me to know that I’m secure in Him:

“Remind yourself that I am the One who makes you secure—in all circumstances.” – Jesus Always

Don’t play around with your relationship with God! May this year bring us all closer to Him! Amen!

“Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always.” – 1 Chronicles 16:11

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