… THEN SELF! HE HELPS THE SELF TO BE ITS BEST SELF!” That was a comment to my sweetie-pie, Glory, on Facebook after she commented, “The most important relationship is one with yourself.” Let me tell ya, speaking from someone with great experience, we can indeed be our own worst enemy (ME!!!!). No joke! That’s where the relationship with God comes sweetly and crucially in because He lovingly helps us with all our weaknesses and humanness. Hey, He is the manufacturer, after all! LOL!

So, the wiser Nikki has learned to go to God in every moment asking for His perspective on my life and this has been the best thing. Honestly, I don’t know where my life would be if not for God holding my hand and helping me through all the challenges and difficulties that come my way.

And I love how He finds the sweetest ways to let me know He is with me. Like yesterday I was at work on a Sunday, and I felt God saying in my spirit that I should go home and get some rest. I ended up watching and enjoying Travis Scott’s documentary on Netflix. After I keep saying I’m getting back in my Tom Brady mode (having the discipline to be the greatest of all time wife, momma, and person by training myself like an athlete every day), I instead stopped for ice cream and apple pie before going home (not at all Tom Brady mode approved).

But let me tell you guys about how funny God is. Of all the people for them to show a text message from to Travis Scott, can you believe it was from Tom Brady? It was just God’s fun way to say, ‘Nik. What’s going on here? I thought we were in Tom Brady mode?’ That’s just the sweetness of God I’ve come to know and love. Of all the content on Netflix, for Him to have me watch that documentary, and of all the people for them to show Travis receiving a message from, was all orchestrated by God to reveal to me a tiny glimmer of His Presence with me there. He is quite talkative once you have the ears to hear Him and the eyes to see Him. God, I’m back in Tom Brady mode!!! May my life bring glory to You!

But one of my best surprises from God EVER was when my daughters and I thought we were going to a DJ Khaled concert but ended up at the Sports Illustrated Awards Show, and guess who was there live and in-person to receive his Athlete of the year award? TOM BRADY!!! This was after that very day I recorded a YouTube video going all crazy about what Tom Brady has taught me. When Tom Brady came on that stage, your girl lost it! God totally set me up so perfectly for that surprise!!! See the love I receive from God? Even meeting with my brother, Kevin yesterday was all designed by God. Kevin taught me one crucial thing recently: NEEKS, GOD WANTS YOU TO KNOW YOU ARE SECURE IN HIM. That’s what gives us true joy and peace, KNOWING that God Himself is with us, continually holding our hands, even when our own selves become our worst enemies. (HUGE SMILE)

Make sure you are making God a priority by having alone times with Him by reading or listening to anything spiritual where you are getting to learn His voice for yourself. And then by going to Him all day by making Him the center of every move you make (FOCUS ON GOD!!!) – what you eat, what you drink, what you think, what you say…everything! God, what is Your perspective here? Doing to the best of our ability whatever He asks of us, then leaving the rest with Him. God is in control of everything and everyone! (WINK! WINK!)

The LORD himself will fight for you. Just stay calm.” – Exodus 14:14