That was the message on the back of a car yesterday that I took as a wink from God at me. This post from two years ago explains what God has been trying to do with us all:


Who do you think won? ME, BABY!!! LOL! We have these unspoken races, and she always wins, but this morning, your girl here was on fire, and I’m giving all the glory to God. I started this fasting with the Muslims for Ramadan asking God to please help me because it felt like I was losing my mind with all the crazy talk I had going on in my head, and God has LOVINGLY come to my rescue. I’m feeling so close to Him right now. (HUGE SMILE)

Like after sharing one paragraph in my post yesterday, He used it to reveal His invisible presence with me. I wrote:

“When I saw that “we will no longer be babies,” I knew God was talking directly to me saying, ‘Nik, I want you to grow up to be the mature, loving, confident in Me woman I DESIGNED YOU TO BE.”

Immediately after posting, I had some time with God and just using my scroll button at the bottom of my screen to randomly select something to read, this incredibly showed up:

“In closeness to Me, you are transformed more and more into the one I DESIGNED YOU TO BE.” – Jesus Calling

How could that possibly be an ordinary coincidence for my very words to show up from this over 700-page book? It was another one of my God winks where, out of the blue, everything lines up extremely TOO perfectly with me going DIRECTLY to that date to confirm my sentiments EXACTLY. God, thank You for the transformation. Your girl is getting her happy, peace, strength, and focus back. (ANOTHER SMILE).

Then I also wrote:

“Not being tossed to and fro by every little situation that pops up.’ I love when God talks tough to me! (SMILE) This big, emotional, and neurotic wreck of a train here that keeps falling, seriously needed the reminder. God corrects those He loves.” – Jesus Calling

So, later on that night, after writing so much lately how I keep FALLING, He had this to say to me through another meditation book:

“Don’t you understand that I prefer someone who has FALLEN many times but who despises himself at My feet, to the self-righteous person who thinks he is without fault. My little girl, tell Me every day how sorry you are for any way you have pained Me. Take a steady look at your failures and stains, and offer them to Me so that I may wash them away. Tell Me how weak you are and how often you fail. Say: “My great friend, help me. You know only too well how helpless I am, but with You I can do anything.’ – He and I

That helps to explain my happiness out on that run today, God has washed away so many burdens and failures I’ve been carrying around with me. Today, I want you here with me recommitting your life to Him. Like Devon Franklin explained,

“The commitment to God is what is going to make you stronger, bring you more peace, and it is going to alleviate some of the stress you’re under.”

God, I’m in! May every moment of my life honor and please You. And may I rest the times I don’t get it right at your feet to wash away for me, so that I may keep going and living my best life with You as my Guide and Partner for success in every area. With You I can do anything. ’Amen!