I share my ups, downs, disappointments, frustrations, joyful and happy times, problems and proud moments, stresses and anxieties, weak, strong, brave and courageous moments to hopefully portray the fact that I’m going through this human experience just like everyone else, where we don’t know what to expect from one moment to the next. But, I ALWAYS ADD IN ONE CRUCIAL PERSPECTIVE THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING: I KNOW GOD IS WITH ME! That’s what you call FAITH, baby! Wink! Wink!

And let me tell ya, I can boast of my weaknesses because those are the times where I MUST rely on God’s strength EVEN HARDER. Like today, I went RUNNING to Him, ‘God, I need to hear from You!’ No shame in my game! This life gets challenging at times, and I needed to be reminded of the important GOD FACTOR. And He didn’t disappoint HIS GIRL! He found a way to LET ME KNOW THAT HIS INVISIBLE PRESENCE IS ALWAYS WITH ME.

‘Where should I go to hear from You? Is it through reading my old posts, through, my book or another meditation book?’ I asked Him quietly through my spirit. I felt Him saying a book someone nicely gave me a few weeks ago, He and I  by Gabrielle Bossis. I instantly fell in love with it feeling God speak to me through it almost immediately. I had decided from last year that my words for this year would be “LOVE” and “DISCIPLINE,” so when this showed up in the book, what she felt God saying to her in 1941, I felt it was a message DIRECTLY from God to me, too:

“Your keynote for the year: Believe in love. Have faith in My love.”

I loved it so much that I made it my phone’s screensaver and it has been there ever since.

So, today as I asked God to hear from Him, I scrolled the cursor at the bottom of an electronic version of the book on my phone, and look what incredibly showed up:

“Your keynote for the year: Believe in love. Have faith in My love.” Wink! Wink!

And once again, everything lined up a little bit too perfect to be a mere coincident. This was God’s sweet and intimate way of saying, ‘Nik, I’m with you!’

So, no matter the situations that come our way, I want us with total GODFIDENCE: WE HAVE GOD. FULL STOP. PERIOD. How God does what He does is none of our business! Our job is to LISTEN to His voice, TRUST that He’s with and for us, and OBEY His instructions! We can, therefore, think best case scenarios knowing HE is on our side helping us get through ANYTHING THIS LIFE HAS TO THROW AT US.




That was me to my friend yesterday ENJOYING a piece of birthday cake at her house. As I sat down at the table to eat alone, I said let me see what God has to say to me through a kids’ devotional there. It was the perfect message, and I shared with my friend why:

In my last post I had written:

“Then, reading through several of my meditation books, the verse that has been my COMFORT through so many challenges kept showing up:

“For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.” Isaiah 41:13”

The kids’ devotional on her table confirmed this AGAIN, with the very page I randomly opened up to said:

“He (God) is faithful to His promise to help you.”

Earlier, in another appointment with God there with her, I said I want to get her a copy of a new meditation book about conversations between God and a lady who was born in 1874 and how they’re so similar with my conversations with Him. My friend said, “God is the same yesterday, today and forever.”

Fast forward to that night, my daughter, Ember, SURPRISINGLY shows up in our bedroom with our meditation book, Jesus Calling. She wanted to share what she had just read, that incredibly was written as if God was speaking to us and CONFIRMING what my friend had said earlier:

“The One who never leaves you is the same One who never changes: I am the same yesterday, today and forever.” Wink! Wink!

And God unbelievably continued with His message to me through my daughter’s appointment with Him. When she was done with the passage, I asked her for the accompanying Bible verses at the bottom. Look what incredibly showed up:

“For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.” – Isaiah 41:13” Wink! Wink! AGAIN!

Wow, that was a double God wink in one passage and another LOVE NOTE from God with Him confirming to me that HE NEVER LEAVES ME, and His Presence is ALWAYS with me, including during intimate conversations with my friend. For Ember to show up with this book and this page in my bedroom last night was nothing short of a miracle. God was confirming His Love and promise to help me.

See what I mean by not missing out on what God has planned for me; He had everything all perfectly arranged. Even Ember’s late night appointment with Him! Another miracle! LOL!

This gives me the confidence to relax and trust that I’m never alone; I have God.

“My help comes from the Lord, Maker of Heaven and earth.”



I asked my NEXT LEVEL friend today! I had debated whether to share with her a story about what happened to my mom and me on a trip when I was a little girl. I got the feeling from God to tell her about it. I explained that the moral I learned from the experience was that any kindness that I offer to someone else, no matter how small the gesture, THAT GOD HIMSELF IS THE ONE TO REPAY ME. That’s my life’s philosophy that’s working for me: EVERYTHING IS BETWEEN ME AND GOD, NOT BETWEEN ME AND ANYONE ELSE.

I went as far as telling her about a BIG argument with my kids over their unkind attitude towards a situation. I was so furious with them that by FORCE we have MORE family appointments with God. In fact, the very next morning, the very devotional we randomly selected was about KINDNESS and even going as far as praying and asking God for His help to love our enemies.

Not even 30 minutes later, God got in on our conversation. My friend has one of the few printed copies of my book (unfortunately, the printer hubby hired passed away before delivery-may his soul rest in peace), and I decided to randomly open it to see if God had anything He wanted to say to me. Can you believe I opened exactly to this?

“A post from the Seventh Day Adventists inspired me with sharing that that weekend in their church was about TEACHING KIDS ABOUT KINDNESS that I wanted to spend time with my children, too, sharing that message that we should be God’s mouth and hands in the world to love and encourage each other.”

Looks like God agrees with me–KINDNESS, BABY! See how intimately God’s involved in our lives. There’s no way this is an ordinary coincident that I’m sharing with my friend about a severe argument I had with my kids over kindness and out of this almost 400-page book, I randomly opened to that. This was God’s SWEET and LOVING way of finding a way to make me and my friend HAPPY AND REMINDED THAT HIS PRESENCE IS ALWAYS WITH US. She has so many books in her house that I usually read when I want to have appointments with God there, but yesterday He gave me the nudge to read from MY BOOK. Heehaw!!!

If you would like a free electronic copy, please inbox me your email address and I’ll be happy to shoot one over. Its GOD APPROVED reading, and the advice I share and live are making me seriously HAPPIER. Suggestions such as going the extra mile in love and overlooking the faults of others have led my life on a wonderful path. MOST IMPORTANTLY, IT’S TEACHING ME TO HAVE FAITH IN GOD’S LOVE–HE WON’T LET US DOWN – He’s with us and for us!



That was my little message from Him a few minutes ago reading my meditation book. It’s actually what I’m learning to do more often, smile whenever I remember that His unseen Presence is ALWAYS with me. He has become “MY LOVE.” And I’m learning to RELAX and ENJOY every moment of my life with Him. Are you here with me ENJOYING God?
My exercise time has become “OUR” time. I usually put the music on shuffle and allow Him to be my DJ. I pick up so many messages from Him through the lyrics that “randomly” show up. I know through my spirit when He’s speaking to me. I’m telling you, He’s quite talkative once you learn His voice.
Like yesterday, I was thinking about how to resolve a situation. I came up with a solution, and I was texting a message to someone on what to do. Amazingly, in the background playing, was a song with the lyrics saying what I had just typed about sending someone to cash a check. I smiled with God. He’s always ahead of me and that solution that I came up with was no doubt DIRECTLY from Him. He has us in the palm of His hands. He knows what we need, and He has everything all arranged out for us before we even ask.
That little so-called coincident, when everything lines up a little bit too perfectly, I call my God winks. They’re my sweet reminders from Him that His invisible Presence is always with me. They give me the PEACE AND CONFIDENCE to RELAX and KNOW that whatever problems that may come up, God already knows about it. His INFINITE WISDOM can HELP US RESOLVE ANY CHALLENGE! That has certainly been my experience with Him!
This morning, when Secret Garden played, I knew the lyrics were Him singing to me:
“I wanna read your mindKnow your deepest feelingsI wanna make it right for you.”
And He wants to make it right for you, too! Start talking to Him just like how you would talk to any friend and start paying attention to what He would have you to do.
When I vented about a frustration to Him, wanting to tell someone off about it, with one glance at God I knew how to respond: LOVE, FORGIVE and IGNORE. No more fighting useless battles! And I replied, “YES, MY LOVE!”


God, I want a CLOSER walk with You. Amen.

I think I said it back in 2010 or so, and to see how God has changed me from a sad, anxious, bitter, unforgiving, fretful, overweight, starving for love, crazy lady into a happy, loving, forgiving, peaceful and fearless warrior, has been nothing short of a complete miracle. I still have some ways to go, but I’m not the Nikki who woke up so depressed that all I looked forward to was having a beer with breakfast. It wasn’t pretty!

That was until a friend told me she was giving up chocolates for lent and I decided to join her and give up drinking. IT WAS A LONG LENT, and I couldn’t wait to have a drink, but unbelievably, by the time Easter (the end of lent) came, the cravings for alcohol were all gone. God, thank You!

God also went as far as putting another great friend into my life as a part of His get Nikki sober and happy mission. I think her positive influence played a huge role along with our standing weekly appointments with each other that me and the kids looked forward to, slowly took away my sadness and the drinking.

I feel God created us humans to connect with each other. I was listening to something how so many people are addicted to painkillers and I personally believe NOT having friends and other close relationships and connections is a big reason why people are sad and look to drugs and alcohol. So, if you’re depressed, find some good friends!!!

And not to forget about my regular appointments with God! Mornings, noon and 5 pm. I would set the alarm on my phone so I didn’t miss these essential times with Him. Unbelievably, He would always find some way to let me know that He was there with me. And if you have God with you, tell me, what is there to be sad about?

Little by little, with every alone time with God, He has been transforming me to see life from HIS ALL loving perspective. I HAVE FAITH IN HIS LOVE. He even sent my son, Joshie to teach me how to love others. The way he shows in his sweet little eight-year-old way, “Mommy and Daddy, I just want to be with you.” In such a genuine way is mind blowing. He inspires me to love others from a God-inspired heart, not judging or criticizing them, just showing them God’s unconditional love. Finish.

God, I want an even closer walk with You. Amen.



And how HE has beautifully led me to a VERY HAPPY LIFE!!! But, WE (me and God) want YOU along with us—Hey, I don’t want to be this joyful by myself! Like between God and my hubby, they have me spoilt! This morning, seeing some mangoes on our kitchen counter from yesterday, I didn’t want them; I requested fresh ones from our tree outside! Spoilt, I say! Not that I have a perfect life, either, but God has been teaching me such valuable lessons like GRATITUDE, PATIENCE, CONTENTMENT AND KEEPING MY HOPE IN HIM, that I think I can spend my entire life saying, “Thank You, God!”

So, here’s an example of how God guides me. After yesterday feeling like He was saying not to wash my hair, today it felt like He said yes I should. I thought I could quickly get it done, and get right out to work, but I ended up doing some other stuff. I then called my hubby/boss and asked if he still wanted me to come in. He then asked me if I wanted to, and I quickly responded, “Whatever MY KING wants!” He said I should come, and I came.


RELATIONSHIPS ARE TOUGH! But with God’s and a good friend’s guidance, I’m enjoying a pretty successful marriage, if I do say so myself! The wisdom that I want you to obtain from this little story is how God has taught me HUMILITY, not arrogance and self-interest.

It was years ago, and I was having an argument with hubby that was lasting for a few days when I finally went to God and asked what HE would have me to do. It was no coincident that I opened my meditation book directly to a page saying something like even though my way is good, it would PROFIT ME MORE to FOLLOW the will of another. And I’ve ran with that advice. Years later, it’s still PROFITING ME MORE to follow my wise husband.

I consider myself hub’s Vice-President. One day I told him that I completed a task for him, he immediately corrected me and said, “You’ve completed it for yourself!” Meaning this is how he makes money to take care of us, so technically I did the work for myself.

I’m so loving our dinner every night together with our sons. Again, this was wisdom from God. I said to hubby one day, “I’m not eating until you get home.” This was after a God wink from someone who told me a story about fasting and a wife waiting until her husband came home to eat. As if God was saying, “Wink! Wink! Nik!” I PAID ATTENTION! And since then it has become our nightly routine. I wait until he’s home so that I can enjoy my one cooked meal of the day with him. When someone called last night asking him why he was home, he said, “I’m here enjoying looking at my wife’s beautiful face.” And in today’s time, I don’t take it for granted that I have a hubby who wants to spend evenings with his family. Thank You, God!

God is still talking, folks! This is only one aspect of my life where He has successfully guided me. Through my meditation books, advice from others, thoughts and impressions that come to mind, can all be ways in which He communicates. It’s up to us to learn His voice and to be OBEDIENT to what HE would have us to do in every moment! Wink! Wink! What are you waiting for? Pray and invite Him into your life! He loves getting involved!



Instead of throwing out some old smoothie, I asked my cook, Victoria, to place it in a glass for me. She, very surprisingly, put it in a champagne glass. It was the very one I would use to have a nightly drink with my hubby in my attempts to dumb all the UGLY thoughts I had going on. That was my way of combatting all the thinking, thinking I had going on at the time.

But, as I drank from that glass today, it was an entirely different story. Instead of the depressing, anxious, fretful thoughts, I was toasting to God, thanking Him for this beautiful life He has wonderfully guided me on. Alcohol has absolutely no place in my life anymore; God has MIRACULOUSLY turned all my sadness into JOY!!!


In every moment, I’m learning to go to God about EVERYTHING. My mind looks like this ALL day:
God, what should I do here?
God, should I go here?
God, should I say this?
God, how do I handle this situation?
God, what would you have me to THINK here?
God? God? God?

HE LOVES WHEN WE COME TO HIM! I’ve LEARNED HIS VOICE through my individual times/appointments with Him. I know when its Him speaking to me through my feelings/nudges/impressions and thoughts that come to mind. Those nudges from Him haven’t led me wrong yet! In every aspect of my life, for guidance, I RUN TO HIM FOR HELP.

Through reading my meditation books, I’ve picked up on God’s character and the mother, wife, and person He is calling me to be. Not one moment has been wasted because He has keyed me in on such wisdom that I use when I’m back out in the world.

He doesn’t only talk through the meditation books, though, He’s quite talkative once you get to know Him. Like one Sunday, I got a nudge from Him to call one of my brothers. Before hanging up, he says to me, ‘Nik, if your husband is ever weak, YOU have to be the strong one for the family.’ Honestly, those words have stuck with me. So, if ever I’m tempted to get mad at hubs about ANYTHING, I remind myself, ‘Nik, you MUST be the STRONG one.’ I suck up whatever it is I’m upset about, and I look to God, my Guide and say, ‘Your warrior here is still standing strong.’ Nobody’s perfect! The husband that is the strength of the family when I’m weak, deserves this loyal, unflinching wife.

But I can’t get over God, giving me that nudge to call my brother with that critical message. Thanks, K! Hubby and I are celebrating 18 years together this year, and I’m thanking God for His continual GUIDANCE that got us here, BETTER AND STRONGER THAN EVER.



Let me tell ya, the mad lady wants to come out sometimes, and I must QUICKLY remind myself that I’m to be the Nikki God is calling me to be: self-controlled, disciplined, calm, mannerly, merciful, loving and respectful. BUT IT AIN’T EASY! So, for me, I’m asking Him to help me remove anything from my character that is unpleasing to Him. What can He help you remove?

This morning, on the drive to school with our kids, we listened to ‘I Wanna Know’ by Joe. I said this is my song to God asking Him:

‘I’d like to know what makes You cry
So I can be the one who always makes You smile

Tell me what I gotta do to please You
… anything You say I’ll do
Cause I only wanna make You happy
From the bottom of my heart, it’s true’

And as I do that, oh my goodness, God seems to go out of His way to make me SMILE. God’s spoilt girl over here! Like the other night, we were watching a choir from a church in Nigeria that traveled to Bethlehem to perform Christmas songs. I was so thrilled listening to the words feeling as if God was speaking directly to me. I had a complete church praise session in my living room, thanking God for turning all my mourning into such joy and making me feel so LOVED.

Right after that, I went to bed, but before sleeping, I wanted to have some alone time with God. After reading my own book all day, I decided to switch meditations books and unbelievably, out of all my books, here’s what I randomly opened to, written as if God was speaking directly to me:

“Christmas music is one of the best blessings of the season. You can sing the carols at church or in THE PRIVACY OF YOUR HOME. As you are making a joyful noise, pay close attention to the words.” – Jesus Always, Sarah Young

Believe it or not, this was God’s remarkable way of saying, ‘Nik, I saw you just now singing those Christmas songs and praising Me! I’m ALWAYS with you.’ That gives me the confidence to stand strong in a world where we never know what’s coming our way from one moment to the next; MY GOD IS WITH ME, BABY!

And He’s with ALL of us! Anything you need help removing, He’s only one call away! Just say, ‘God, I need Your help.’ In every moment, we have access to His strength, wisdom, and solutions to tackle anything. Your girl here, is learning to go to Him 5,000 times a day, if need be. And His ways are ALWAYS THE BEST. He hasn’t disappointed me yet!



That’s the message I seem to be picking up from God. I told ya’ll, He is pretty talkative once you get to know Him! It started with my housekeeper and cook leaving us over the holidays. Let me tell ya, your girl over here was NOT HAPPY that I would have to spend the “holiday” cleaning. At one point, I asked God, ‘What did I do to deserve this?!?’ I told my hubby that if we weren’t traveling, let us at least check into a hotel. But he just wanted to be home.

But like every so-called “bad” experience, God had a reason behind my hard work! When a friend asked, “How was your holiday?” and I told him about having no house help, he amazingly said, “It was a good experience.” And honestly, those words from him hit the nail on the head. It was an excellent experience where me and my super daughters ROSE to the occasion.

Sometimes there were MOUNTAINS of dishes to wash, and we would put on some music and make it happen. And because of all the dust in Nigeria, that meant lots of mopping and dusting. But at the end of it all, we conquered it, and we were pretty proud of ourselves. Mission cleaning and cooking accomplished, baby!

Thank God my husband loves to cook, and every day the girls would take turns being his assistant. It was great bonding time. As we washed dishes, we chatted about some super important stuff. We truly bonded and are even CLOSER as a family. Thanks, God!

God, again, spoke to me through a meditation book about how we neglect the most important to less important things. I knew it was another message because I sincerely WASTE TOO MUCH TIME ON THE UNIMPORTANT.

Then, there was a comment about my website, “No new content?” I was pretty embarrassed that the last time I had updated it was like over a year ago. Shameful, Nik!

So, when Darin Olien said this on a Rich Roll podcast, I knew it was another message from God to me:

“Sorry audience. Quit f around. Quit dabbling in this stuff. You’ve been to these things. You’ve seen things. Take that knowledge and do something with it…”

He also said, “Underneath all of it, I do want people…to live a super life. Like I really do.” Like I really do, too. I want the world ROLLING WITH GOD and living a super life with Him as our Coach and Guide.

God, I got the message. I will stop being so lazy, unfocused, procrastinating, and spending too much time on the unimportant. Thanks for the wake-up call.

Are you paying attention to what God is saying to you? Don’t miss those alone times with Him. He just wants to make us better! Let’s give up ANYTHING that’s holding up back – including LAZINESS!



That was me to a friend yesterday. I spent some time helping her out, and I was just thinking about how she has been so wonderful to me that I want to be an even better friend to her.

Then, it got me thinking about my relationship with God? ISN’T EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE IN MY LIFE A GIFT FROM HIM? Even this friend, who showed up for me out of almost 200 million Nigerians has been a HUGE blessing from God. Her positive influence has changed me, and so much of what I write about is what I’m learning from her: FAITHFULNESS, LOYALTY, KINDNESS, CALMNESS, WISDOM, INTEGRITY, GOODNESS, AND EXCELLENCE. She demonstrates them all and every time I’m around her, I leave better!

So, if I want to be a better friend to her, how can I be an even BETTER wife, mother, and person for God who supplies MY EVERY NEED AND BLESSING?

In every moment, I can be my most LOVING, FORGIVING and EXCELLENT self.

After my hubby hurt my feelings yesterday, I intentionally didn’t go to work. But I felt bad afterward because I wasn’t my most LOVING, FORGIVING and EXCELLENT self. This husband who has been another HUMONGOUS gift from God didn’t deserve that. I genuinely have nothing to complain about. Today I was forcing him to drink his awful tasting veggie smoothie because as I told him, “I don’t want to be in this world without you.” So, when he gets in his mood, I need to just ignore and overlook, professionally and kindly. Nobody’s perfect!

I learned a big lesson, though. That whenever I get angry at someone, it’s an opportunity for me to grow in grace – how quickly can I forgive? Like I always say, everything is between God and us, not between us and anyone else. All our blessings are from God, and I want our eyes fixed on HIM being OBEDIENT to what HE would have us to do in every moment.

And being obedient is really how HE guides us on the path HE has for us. And let me tell ya, God’s plans are REAL good! I look back on my life, and honestly meeting this friend was a part of God’s plan for my life. He knew I needed her! When I think back to the old Nikki before her, pretty scary. She has helped me to stay on God’s path for my life, and I’m forever grateful. Thanks, my vro (my valued treasure!)