I screamed on the drive to drop the kids off to school yesterday morning!  Our Jujupooh sat in the front seat crying, upset at her Dad, and he was at home upset at her and I asked the kids, “What’s the lesson we can learn from this?”  The car went unusually silent as none of them could think of any lessons, until Joshie, my soon to be 5 year old, says very quietly, “Forgive.”  That made the God maniac/mommy super happy to know that my son at such a young age is already learning this important lesson which I’m still trying to master at 41!  I explained to them that no one is perfect and oftentimes we have to be quick to overlook the faults of others and focus on their positives instead and their Dad has so many positives they can focus on!  Great job, Joshie!

“That friend of ours with no false humility used to say:  “I haven’t needed to learn how to forgive, because the Lord has taught me how to love.”

I would love to get here where I don’t need to learn how to forgive because God has taught me to love.  But, I’m getting closer, though, and last week I called my hubby and said to him, “It’s like I’m falling in love with you all over again.”  He then replied, “Ok, what do you want?” LOL!  It’s like I’m seeing him in a whole different light.  And not just him, everyone.  Some close friends I hung out with on Saturday, I couldn’t stop telling them how blessed I feel to have them in my life.  My kids, I can’t stop kissing them and telling them how much I love them.  I went to sleep snuggled between my two sons who were thrilled to be sleeping next to mommy and I thanked God for this beautiful life He has blessed me with.  Yesterday, I took some time to tell my assistants at work how much I appreciate them and there would probably be no posts if God didn’t bring them in to help me help my hubby.

LOVE YOUR ENEMIES!  Everything is between us and God!  There is no need to forgive when we learn how to love. Besides, everything that is done with the intent to harm us, God multiplies it hundreds fold for our good!





This is the best life with Him as our Partner and Guide, where He seems to hand pick the best people to surround us, like my sister Kelly who took her vacation time to be with me after 3 out of 4 C-sections.  After writing to her that she rocks, she wrote the following back to me:

“No Nik. I was the one touched and moved by your outpouring of love. You really moved me to tears yesterday. You’re the one who rocks!!!! You set the bar high with the trail you blaze through your outpouring of love and your guidance and reminders of who and whose we are. You have life figured out. I promise you, because of who you are, you cause me to aspire to be a better person every day.

Keep on spreading God’s word and His love sister. It’s an eye opener as to how people see you and the impact we have on others unknowingly. That’s a sure sign that it is from the heart. I am happy that we have such positive influences over each other my love. Let’s continue to let our lights shine that people may see our Father in us so that they too will aspire to do His will.

I would never guess you would have had low self esteem….you were always so positive and upbeat …..and still are today. It was a lovely reminder about the lunch…..I had forgotten ….you’ve brought back wonderful memories. Lol. You were my little doll!!! I learned how to sew from making little things for you. Lol

Love you Nik.”

Kelly, your light shines brightly and you’ve inspired me yet again to be my best and most loving self!  Love you!

Are you going to let your light shine?  “You and I do have a choice—whether to be neurotic or wise, harsh or gentle, blaming or forgiving.  And the choice we make then determines not only who we will be in the world but also the experiences we will have here.”

“No sacrifice is unseen or forgotten by God. One day, all will be repaid.”



This was the striking message I got from tumblr.com, where I go to hear from God.  And God is really greater than anything we may ever face!  This morning I woke up thinking about someone who I KNOW God arranged to help my hubby and I with a challenge we faced last year.  In a business dinner conversation, someone casually mentioned that we should do a Google search to find someone who could help us in a very specific area.  I did this the next day and the first person I contacted agreed to meet us in his office for a free consultation.  He ended up spending 3 hours with us for free and that time with him helped to answer so many questions I had in my mind in regards to this problem.


In the meeting, he sensed I was a bit anxious and the words he said I will never forget:  FEAR NO ONE!  As soon as he said that I calmed down, like I was hearing directly from God.


“I have told you these things, so that in Me (God) you may have [perfect] peace and confidence. In the world you have tribulation and trials and distress and frustration; but be of good cheer [take courage; be confident, certain, undaunted]! For I have overcome the world. [I have deprived it of power to harm you and have conquered it for you.]” John 16:33 Amplified Bible (AMP)


Maybe a week after meeting with him, I needed to ask him another question and shortly after sending him an email on a Saturday he gave me his cell number to call him.  He again blew me away when he said that a certain point, when we’ve done all that we can do, we have to just turn things over to God.  I did exactly that and I remember saying to God, “I’m turning this matter over to You.’  Everything worked out beautifully!


I’ll never forget that Christmas we begged my hubby for us to travel and he kept saying no.  At the very last minute he agreed and we flew from Nigeria to the US, where I was able to meet this gentleman and finally resolve this issue that was pending for months!


Greater is He.






I called her to wish her a happy birthday yesterday, shortly after leaving a memorial service for a friend’s sister, and I told her that I don’t want to sing her praises at her funeral, but now when she’s around to hear it, and I got special permission to write this post about her today.


“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach…”

What can you say to someone who has been your sister/mother, encourager, friend, confidant, counselor and so much more?  As I think about everything you have done and been for me, my eyes are filled with tears.  I loved spending weekends with you as a little girl because you would always make me special lunches to go to school with on Mondays and still give me lunch money!  I’ll never forget that Saturday you took me to St. Michael’s to buy my first bra.  I’ll always cherish the times you took your vacation to come and be with me after my C-sections and we still use the jug you bought to fill with water for me to keep in my bedroom, so that I didn’t have to go far if I got thirsty.  Every conversation, every interaction with you has been sacred and they’ve formed such a big part of who I am.

Looking back to a period where I had very, very low self-esteem, you were the one who got me holding my head high again.  I needed your encouragement so badly then.  I’ll never forget our summer in London and our adventure day to the Olympics where we used my iPhone to direct us by foot, bus and train, spending time and enjoying the food at the Bahamian Embassy there.

Our days together in New York will never be forgotten either, especially our favorite Chinese food!  Oh, and I can’t forget about how you’ve inspired me to be the best mother!  Like I told you yesterday, I’m following in your footsteps and I’m super proud of your sons, Taurel and Justin.  You’re my hero!

And you’ve inspired the toughness in me!  With a husband who can be a bully at times you’ve taught me to choose my battles and I do!  I called you one night when someone was giving me a hard time and you said, “CALL THE POLICE!” which was the perfect advice!  And you always have the perfect advice, my wise sister!  Thank you for all the times you’ve been there for me to help me through work, parenting and so many other challenges that have come my way.  I can’t forget to mention, after hearing you go on and on and on about your natural hair last summer, the girls (my daughters) and I got on board with you and WE LOVE OUR NATURAL HAIR!  It has created a special bond between us with Sundays becoming our official hair conditioning day!

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach…”

God, I’m exceedingly grateful for my big sister, Kelly!



said the Chinese delivery guy to me yesterday!  “Are you saying that to get a bigger tip?” I jokingly responded!  Knowing me, that also was a God wink, because I was just thinking to myself how much I love my yard too!  I replaced about 50 plants recently that line the path to our front door and they lift my spirit every time I see them!


“ARE YOU FULLY LOVING EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE?” is my big question to you today?  These little plants, that I’ve fallen in love with, are teaching me to be more appreciative of everything, including the little things in my life that I would usually take for granted!  I want to suck as much from every moment!  A few minutes ago, I hung up the phone from speaking to a friend in Nigeria and only a few minutes of talking to her were so special and this morning my mom and sister surprised me with a three way call from the Bahamas and every second was priceless-LOVE YOU, GUYS!!!!!


“I go 0 to 100, real quick” was the Drake song I blasted in my car this week driving to work!  I cherish these drives, where I have the best time singing to myself!  And I’m really enjoying the clouds lately, as I drive, for some reason, admiring how beautiful they are!


Instead of a usual, boring “good morning” to my Jujupooh, my ten year old, I instead gave her the biggest hug, even taking time to smell her and tell her how much I love my baby girl!


Let’s live our bestest lives, loving fully everyone and everything!  Thanks Oprah Winfrey and Paulo Coelho for this excellent question today!  I’m also loving Super Soul Sundays on OWN!