I’ve been like a broken record telling you guys in almost every post lately what my brother, Kevin, taught me, “God wants you to know that you are secure in Him.” Can you believe God went to the trouble to actually confirm that this is where He not only wants me but all of us? […]

“MAN, WE COULD BE SUPERSTARS” That was me to my brother, Kevin, under the God tree today! I’m not going to lie to you, Kevin gives me direct messages from God Himself. His wisdom and my craziness go perfectly together when I share everything he teaches me with you guys. Like under my God tree […]

THIS IS THE GREATEST NEWS EVER!!! We have God’s Presence continually with us in every single moment of our lives!!!! Are you getting this crucial message that we don’t have to handle the ups and downs of life alone?!? This is my special assignment from Him to share with you the most valuable information of […]


There is a song that’s always playing on the radio, ‘Easy On Me,’ by Adele. And I always tell God I don’t want Him to go easy on me because I want to be His top soldier, learning all the difficult lessons He would have me to know so that I can come here as […]