That was me to my new God connection yesterday. We call ourselves “The 311 Girls” because it is our reminder from God to stay on the highest road with Him, being our most loving and best selves, all for His glory. And unbelievably, God gets in on these conversations about the 311. Like our birthdays are the same month, she is on the 13th, and I’m on the 31st. So after meeting her, I needed to go to a car that I was selling to get the mileage, and the miles were exactly 113311, with her 13 and my 31 showing up, followed by the 311. I told her this was no coincidence but God confirming He was the one to connect us, and He wants us both on the 311 bandwagon.

Then, after another conversation with her, I immediately went to buy cars at the auction, and the first car to show up was being sold with this run number 3/111, out of thousands of cars. I sent her a picture and text that we’re 311 strong. Then, after another talk with her, I immediately went to my computer, and on the screen was a report I had left off working with from the night before, and the last date was 3/11. Again, I sent a pic to her!

Yesterday, we talked again, and immediately after hanging up, in the WhatsApp group I was in, there was a voice note from a Pastor for 30:11. I again sent her a pic! We even ended that conversation talking about this 311 as I encouraged her to be her best self no matter what anyone else was doing. So for this 30:11 to appear on my screen immediately after talking to her is a message to us all today: TO BE OUR BEST SELVES, ALL FOR THE GLORY OF GOD!!! No matter what anyone else is doing, we’re to keep showing up as our best selves for God! KK? This God who is so loyal and faithful to us, let’s shine brightly on His behalf!

Can you believe I just stopped writing to give my husband a call to remind him of something urgent and the word count was precisely 311? That’s, again, God making us all aware of His Presence! And speaking of this husband, he inspires me to be my best self. What I called to remind him about, he said he was already on top of it! I keep telling our kids that we’re here in Nigeria to overwhelm their dad with love, appreciation, and respect for all he does for us. He is our gift from God! Nobody gets it right all the time, but the 311 is about loving others unconditionally the way God loves us and going the extra mile in love, mercy, gentleness, faithfulness, and patience. So help us, God! Where our human strength fails, God will help us to keep going.

Pray and ask God for help with anything you are struggling with. Just how He makes Himself available to my friend and me to remind us that He is with us as we seek to be the best wives, moms, and people for Him. He is there with you to help you with your struggles. Let’s pray more than ever this year, and in any area we find ourselves failing, let’s reach out to God. PRAYER CHANGES THINGS!!!