That was me to my brother, Kevin, today! He shares wisdom with me that I can pass on to you guys! Sharing is caring! So, the gift we want to share today is for you guys to make decisions from the crucial God perspective, continually asking, “God, how can I please you here?” Obeying God and leaving the consequences with Him! Trust us, God’s ways are not our ordinary human ways; they are so much better. God is not only an expert in everything, but He is behind the scenes at work on our behalf in the spiritual realm. NOT learning His voice and NOT following His leading is NOT wise! Wink! Wink!

Like this relationship with Kevin, as my guru/adviser, began over three years ago when my husband called to report something I had done to him (your girl was a terror then!). When I called Kevin back to give our family’s response, he said, “Nikki, forget this foolishness you and your husband are fighting about!” He told me to focus on more important matters.

See the wisdom in all that? Life is full of distractions that will take us away from what’s important. The schemes of the devil! And if we’re not careful, we waste precious time and energy fighting the wrong battles that take us away from living our best lives and God’s plans for us before we were even born.

For example, your girl here has wasted too much time and energy on tracking and monitoring my husband (COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME AND ENERGY!!!!). But when you know better, hopefully, you do better. The new Nik is focused, man! I have my daughters, that will both soon be off to university in New York, by the grace of God, that still need momma to be their guard rails, along with my nephew Duro, who is doing exceptionally well on his internship with Amazon. Now, the same time and energy that I put into them has to be put into my sons. Emmie made me so proud in that he almost made all A’s except for one B in the school they attended this year in the US. Joshie gets the award for most improved how he adjusted himself after the school sent a letter saying he may have to repeat 6th grade. That’s how we do, boo! We may fall a million times, but we get up a million and one.

And this better than best husband needs my support with our businesses more than ever. He spoils me, and it’s my time to spoil him by showing up on his behalf as the better version of a wise wife (Wifey 2.0!). To sometimes pretend I don’t see what I see or hear what I hear and free him to live his best life, as I live my best life as God’s superstar. That’s wisdom!

As Kevin taught me, as long as Manny (hubby) is taking care of his family, he respects you; there is nothing more you can ask. Just keep it respectful, boo, or the crazy lady will show up like she did that day you had to call Kevin for me! Believe it or not, God teaches me the same thing as Kevin, to be ignorant as if I’m deaf and blind, even mute, as He tells me to keep SILENT and vent to Him! God, anything to please You, let us learn as you give more than I can imagine! May we all be peacemakers, forgiving plenty and loving extravagantly, especially in our homes!