That was from a customer I sold a car to yesterday, after I shared with him and his brother how my brother, Kevin, has been lovingly holding my hand and giving me direct messages from God. Yesterday, I even called Kevin to thank him for his statement that God wanted me to know that I was secure in Him. It’s really sinking in, and it explains why I’ve been so happy lately. Can you believe God went a step further with that message under my God tree today? In my spirit, I felt Him say that I should go to a specific version of my fav meditation book, Jesus Calling. As I randomly picked a page to read, look what incredibly showed up (written as if God was speaking directly to me):

“I want you to realize how UTTERLY secure you are (Wink! Wink!)! Even if you falter as you journey through life, I will never let go of your hand. Knowing that your future is absolutely assured can free you to live abundantly today.”

Our God is not only faithful, but He is also quite talkative! (HUGE SMILE). It’s just for us to get to know Him better for ourselves. His sheep know His voice! After reminding myself the entire morning that God wanted me to know I was secure in Him, for Him to go to the trouble of having me go specifically to that page in this big daily devotional for 365 days, just blew the God maniac here away. This was no coincidence! It was just God AGAIN revealing a glimpse of His invisible Presence with me under that tree. And this awareness of God’s Presence is truly what gives your girl here the peace, joy, courage, and strength to take on life! Amen!

Hubby said a beautiful prayer under the tree today for our family (ANOTHER SMILE). The kids are all upset at me because I’m forcing them to work four days a week each following in my husband’s mom’s footsteps, who dragged him to work with her consistently. And my hubby turned out to be a great guy! Hard work and dedication pay off! I tell the kids that I’m not their friend now, but one day they will appreciate this momma. My mom taught me that if you’re a street cleaner, be the best street cleaner. So, between my husband’s mom’s legacy of hard work and my mom’s of giving your best, we have some awesome people in the making, by the grace of God! OUR FAMILIES ARE IMPORTANT TO GOD!!! MAY WE DO IT ALL FOR HIS GLORY!!! Big ups to my brother, Gil, in the pic! I’m enjoying having you around!!!