This morning, I was headed back home from touching my God tree, where I try to go every day to see what He has to say to me there. On the way back, I thought of someone I spoke with two days ago. In my mind, I was thanking them for their honesty and great advice. At that precise moment, I looked up, and that very person I was thinking of was directly walking ahead of me on the cross street! Wow! That lined up extremely too perfectly to be some ordinary coincidence! Even the God Maniac here was blown away by that one! (HUGE SMILE)

I tried calling them, but they didn’t hear me, so I ran and caught up with them, telling them how I was just thinking of them and what they said in our last conversation, and they suddenly appeared. No coincidence, but a God wink that He is intimately involved in my life and incredibly knows everything about me, including every thought, I think! To have that person lined up so perfectly was just God again revealing His invisible Presence REMINDING ME THAT HE IS IN COMPLETE CONTROL OF EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE!!! Come to think of it, maybe He was the One who placed that thought in my head. It is one of the ways He communicates with us – through our thoughts.

So, I walked with this person for a bit, then headed back home. I noticed a speed limit sign with the number 30 on it. I felt God in my spirit (a strong nudge/feeling) saying I should go to page 30 of our family’s website for an appointment with Him there as I walked back home. I couldn’t believe what was there at the very top of the page! It was a story from over two years ago that I started to write and tell you guys about TWICE yesterday in my post, but deleted it both times, feeling it wasn’t the message God wanted me to reshare that day. For me to just see that sign saying “30” and to go there on our family’s website to see this very story on the top of page “30” was God’s way of AGAIN revealing His invisible Presence with me, as if saying, ‘I saw you, Nik, delete that story both times yesterday!’ The story began with my husband sending an old pic of us together, and I felt God dictating to me the specific message to send in response (He is my help in every aspect of my life!):

“Forget the former things! God is doing a new thing! He is taking our family to new and greater heights! HE WILL MAKE A STREAM in the wastelands, a spring in the desert.”

Long story short, the girls came out to run errands with me that day, and as we were driving next to the highway, Ember shockingly pointed out a LONG STREAM of water flowing that was not there before. Apparently, some nearby lake overflowed from lots of rain, and I immediately thought of that text to my husband: HE WILL MAKE A STREAM. God did! THIS WAS NO COINCIDENCE! That was God finding a NEW way of showing me His deep love and attention. I was at peace the entire day driving around with my daughters KNOWING GOD HIMSELF WAS THERE WITH US.

Fast forward two years later, the lake overflowed again recently, and I thought back to God’s promise from two years ago. Honestly, guys, GOD HAS DONE A NEW THING! Where God has taken our family TRULY blows me away, and why I say I’m no longer on the high road with Him, I’m on the highest road! God, how may I please You, let me learn.

God has exceeded our expectations, as usual! I’m thanking Him every moment, grateful that we’ve kept our HOPE IN HIM, following His leading, and doing what Dr. Charles Stanley taught: OBEY GOD AND LEAVE THE CONSEQUENCES TO HIM. Like that person I met up with today said, “Only God doesn’t disappoint!” Let’s forever keep our hope in Him, no matter what’s going on around us. Nothing too complicated or difficult for God to handle. Let’s keep doing our utmost best and leaving the rest with God! Amen!