God found a fun way to reveal His invisible Presence with Ember and me today. This God wink started with this post I wrote two days ago:

“God, did you send this customer here just to remind me of “311?” I had some fun with God yesterday. Whenever I see “311” it’s my reminder from God to stay on the high road with Him (to be still and allow Him to fight battles on my behalf). And yesterday was a day I wanted to lose it and go on the low road, forgetting the high road. But this specific customer showing up was my reminder from God to stay on the high road because his telephone number ends in “311.” I remembered this because God had him to call me one day requesting some information, and I took down his number to call him back. As I was telling Ember about the famous “311,” showing up (we sold her fav car to him), I looked down at the time, and it was precisely 3:11 (Wink! Wink!) as I was talking to Ember. God is fun and talkative once you get to know Him!”

Fast forward two days later (today), I have my fierce daughter, Ember, here with me at work, and I’m showing her how to help the momma with a project I’ve been procrastinating completing. There are three numbers I’m showing her that should add up to “365,411,” and I promise you, the calculator incorrectly shows:

“311,311” Wink! Wink!

WoW! God totally freaked me out after telling you guys like a crazy lady all the time about this “311.” How could this possibly be a coincidence? The numbers are not even close! GOD IS REALLY REAL!!!! Believe it! We did the addition the second time, and it correctly showed the “365,411.” Ember is here with me as I type this, and she says that it is no doubt God.

“Now you see your momma is not crazy, right?” She is a witness to some of the things I take the high road to follow this “311” sign from God Himself. So many major decisions I’ve made because of this “311” and they’ve all paid off beautifully! She legitimately questions me like any loving daughter would when she sees her momma getting all sad and depressed by them, but I explain that I’m being obedient to God and being wise like my brother, Kevin, taught me. I follow God’s lead, and I’m so happy that my daughters get to witness a super wife/momma/person doing her thing for her family, God, and the world by sharing my dramas with you guys.

Staying on the high road with God is the best way to go! I told you guys about the 10,000th punch I received yesterday (not real blows), but I’m happy to suffer them for God, who exceeds my expectations in every aspect of my life. No one has a perfect life! I take the good with the bad, and trust me, God makes sure that His girl here is well taken care of. (Wink! Wink!) A customer told me this week that I’m overly blessed! When he asked me a question as to what was going on with our business, I told him the truth: my biggest problem was that I have a husband (and God!) who spoil me. (HUGE SMILE)

On the way to our office, I had the best drive ever with Ember. She has been talking about transferring from the university she now attends (the one I have no doubt God picked for her!), and I had to stand firm with her that I won’t support her with downgrading. She has now changed her tone, saying she will stick with this university. If the university is better and is offering you an excellent scholarship package, no problem. Other than that, forget about it! You better! This was just another example of God fighting my battles for me and giving me the wisdom and strength to stand firm with this tough daughter (I wouldn’t have it any other way, though! I want my kids fiercer than my husband and me!) Tom Brady and Mike Tyson combined wife, mom, and person, all the way for the glory of God!