That’s the important feedback I got yesterday from a post where I shared about one of my God winks with the number combination “81111” showing up in a friend’s telephone number that I felt God nudging me in my spirit to pay attention to (I actually stared at the number for a few seconds). Then a couple of hours later, I’m at the airport picking up my daughter, Ember, and the same “81111” is printed all over so many taxis there as the ending digits of the cab company’s telephone number. Once again, I considered this lined up too perfectly to be regarded as an ordinary coincidence. It was God’s sweet way of letting me know that His invisible Presence was also there with me to welcome Ember home.

Do you guys get that? God is real talkative, and it’s my honor and privilege to share with you how He communicates with us. Another person read the same post and had this to say:

“Thanks for sharing this message. God is reminding me of His Presence through numbers as well. It’s amazing that it was happening for years now, and I didn’t realize previously what it meant. I’m so thankful for those reminders of His Presence.”

God also talks to me through people like my brother/angel, Kevin. To be very honest with you guys, I don’t know where I would be right now if I didn’t have this brother holding my hands through the last three most difficult years of my life. His genuine love, support, kindness, strength, joy, wisdom, and patience were there with me as I took on an extraordinary sacrifice for my girls. I brought them to the US to finish their high school education, saying, “Let’s do hard things for God’s glory.” No joke, it has been THE HARDEST THING of my life!!! But God sent support: Kevin! Kevin is so funny. He sent me a voice message recently, “Neeks, I’ve realized that my special assignment from God is to keep you happy.” (HUGE SMILE) Thanks, my vro (valuable treasure!)!

And to really demonstrate how talkative God is, just this morning, I read this reminder from Kevin in my appointment with Him:

“Every day. Every day. Every day, my sister. Every day. Accumulate a little more strength, and you will see the most powerful woman you’ve ever seen in your life. Don’t mind all the noise around you. Work on that which you just sent me. You have to work on being a stronger person. And I don’t mean because you feel good today. The more strength you build up, the more muscle mass you build up, the stronger you are when you need that strength. I told you before you don’t pray for things not to happen; you pray for strength to deal with things when they happen. And things are happening. Every day. Every day. Every day. Every day. Take care of yourself.”

After reading that, I go for my run, and I see a duck. What’s the spiritual significance of a duck? I asked Google one day, and it astonishingly symbolizes STRENGTH. I then had to jump in my car to quickly go somewhere. On the radio station is a pastor saying specifically this, “I want you to learn to pray to God for STRENGTH. For the endurance and patience to handle the difficulties of your life.”

Told ya, God is quite talkative! Tell me, how could all of that line up as simply ordinary coincidences? God perfectly orchestrated the message from Kevin, the duck, and that pastor to remind me that HE IS MY STRENGTH as I take on my life lovingly, joyfully, and courageously with Him by my side. This is a reminder to you, too, WE ARE NOT ALONE; WE HAVE GOD. Amen.