That was me to my husband this morning! Your girl has a lot on her right now, but guess who showed up to give me the needed courage? GOD!!! Here’s how this God wink went down:

So, whenever I think about delegating the dropping of the boys to school to my daughters, God tells me in my spirit, ‘No way, Ms. Nikki, you will do no such thing! This is too important a job!’ That’s where we have crucial appointments with God together, with my sons taking turns reading from our ‘Purpose Driven Life Devotional For Kids’ by Rick Warren. Who am I to argue with God?

This morning, as I sat waiting for my sons to come in the car, I read Joel Osteen’s email message for today, which quoted this verse:

“About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them.” – Acts 16:25

Fast forward to Joshie picking from the kid’s devotional, out of 365 days, he astonishingly read this:

“About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them.” – Acts 16:25

Wow! I couldn’t believe it! The exact verse from Joel Osteen’s email I had read minutes prior while waiting for them. Again, that’s one of my famous God winks where everything lined up a little bit too perfect to be considered a random coincidence. For this one verse to show up in both places of the entire Bible was God Himself revealing His invisible Presence there with my sons and me. I then get to my running field by my God tree to have an appointment with Him. Dr. Charles Stanley amazingly says, “The awareness of God’s Presence is what gives you the COURAGE to keep going.” Wink! Wink!

Why would God reveal Himself to us? I questioned the boys! That’s the love I want you to know and experience for yourself. Honestly, that boosted my confidence so high today because I knew without any doubt that this was God letting me know that as I take on these overwhelming at times burdens, He was there standing strong with me. HEEHAW!!!

While the girls and I had some urgent work to do for my husband, a customer sweetly waited for us to return, and he ended up purchasing a car from us. Let me tell you, this customer built up my faith even more in God. He had a great talk with the girls about something we always argue about. He said, “You guys may not understand your mom’s decisions now but stick with her. Support her. Love her. Your mom is in a heavenly realm where she makes decisions with God. Just trust her and listen to her.”

Honestly, he took my faith in God to another level when he spoke about losing everything, but he was determined to build himself back up, knowing God was with him. Today, I told my nephew, Duro, that I’m down to nothing (very little inventory), but I’m giving my nothing to God, who created the entire world from nothing. This customer also encouraged me to read Psalm 31 every day and pray over the girls. See the favor of God in action! This customer was headed to another nearby car dealership, but when he saw a car that I recently had them place in the front and center of ours, he saw it and stopped. My help comes from the Lord, baby!