That’s my testimony, baby! Yesterday this was the header of my blog (a quote from Dr. Charles Stanley that I love):


Can you believe God went to the trouble to confirm that His Presence is truly with me? I sat in my car this morning, waiting for Julie to join me to go to work together. I thought of having an appointment with God. Debating where to go to hear from Him, I finally decided on Jesus Calling, my fav meditation book that has brought me so close to God. My Nook electronic reader asked if I wanted to go where I had left off reading on another device, and I said yes. The book was written as if God was speaking directly to us, and look at the message it took me straight to:

“It is through AWARENESS OF MY PRESENCE (Wink! Wink!) that Peace displaces negative feelings.”

Tell me, how could this be considered some ordinary coincidence for those words “AWARENESS OF MY PRESENCE” to show up in this 365-day devotional? For me to decide yesterday to have this long title, feeling in my spirit that this was the message God Himself wanted you guys to know: “THE AWARENESS OF GOD’S PRESENCE IS WHAT GIVES YOU THE COURAGE TO KEEP GOING.” And then for me to talk to Him asking where I can go to hear from Him, and He confirms those very words. GOD SHOWERS ME WITH ALL HIS ATTENTION! (HUGE SMILE)

Then, Ember woke up this morning complaining about a sprained ankle. I said to her, “Pain is a part of life, sweetie! Get over it!” I then get to my God tree (where I meet with God most mornings on my jogs), and it was precisely 33 minutes past the hour, so I went this time to our family’s website page 33, and look what incredibly showed up:

“I’m a pretty tough momma, so whenever my kids complain to me about feeling pain somewhere, I simply respond, “Pain is a part of life, sweetie! Get over it.”

For my very conversation with my daughter a few minutes before reading that, to show up was all God again, making me aware that His invisible Presence is ALWAYS with me. Like he was saying, ‘Nik, I was there when you had that conversation with Ember a few minutes ago!’ No way these words just showed up randomly on their own. God got me to that tree precisely at 33 minutes past the hour to go to page 33 of our family’s website to let me know He was by my side as I courageously tackled my life with Him as my Partner and Guide.

And He is with you, too! I’m just the God nerd here to remind you that this life is too hard to do on our own; WE NEED GOD! Make sure you are making Him your priority. No shame in my game, I go to that tree looking for some glimmer of His presence just to take on my day joyfully, peacefully, and bravely and He sweetly shows up as if saying, NIK, I’M WITH YOU! I’M WITH YOU! I’M WITH YOU!’

“This is my command—be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.” – Joshua 1:9