I’m sitting at our dining room table this morning, debating as to which DESK I should work on to complete an overdue project. I love the quiet of our work office when everyone leaves, but I also love the home office I set up inside my husband’s closet. Decisions, decisions! Then I thought of having an appointment with God before getting ready for work. It was 42 minutes past the hour, so I went to page 42 of our family’s website, and look what incredibly showed up at the very top:


That’s me having some fun with myself as I sat procrastinating about getting an overdue project completed. But, turns out, that alone time with God was perfect, as He reminded me that His invisible Presence is always with me. Of all books and of all pages that were close by, I ended up reading these words as I SAT AT MY DESK:

“My friend, Jesus Christ (God) wants us to be serene (calm) WHEN WE ARE AT OUR DESK (Wink! Wink!) and have to face the problems and decisions our work involves.” – Jesus As Friend by Salvatore Canals

That was no coincidence! It was God’s sweet way of revealing His invisible Presence with me, reminding me that I was not handling that project alone. My help comes from the Lord!”

So, I’ve gotten to know God’s personality pretty well, and for that message to show up on page 42 at 42 minutes past the hour as I debated which desk to work at to complete this overdue project today, was just His way of reminding me that no matter where I sit, He would be there to help me (HUGE SMILE). See the sweetness of God I experience? His love blows me away with the close attention He pays to the details of my life. This is the God that I want you guys to know for yourselves!

And this awareness of His Presence with us is what gives us the courage, peace, and joy to take on our lives. We can hold His hand while doing our best in the physical realm, knowing He is behind the scenes in the spiritual realm tweaking situations on our behalf, and taking care of what we can’t. I love this verse:

“‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the LORD Almighty.”- Zechariah 4:6

We do not follow the ordinary rules when we walk in faith with God; He can do anything BY HIS SPIRIT! It’s just for us to follow His leading moment-by-moment by learning His voice and being obedient to Him. Notice how I paid attention to that nudge from Him to go precisely to page 42 at 42 minutes past the hour. I’ve learned God’s crucial voice! See the peace He gave me knowing I don’t have to handle that complex project alone and that He would be there with me, NO MATTER THE DESK I CHOOSE?

Get to know God for yourself! Make Him a priority by waking up to appointments with Him by reading or listening to anything spiritual that makes you feel closer to Him. I promise a life close to God is the best life!!! Wink! Wink!