I asked my hubby in Nigeria this morning before our son, Emmie, left for his middle school graduation ceremony. Hubs beautifully prayed for God to continue guiding his life, to give him wisdom, and bless him with good health and prosperity. Amen! Let me tell ya, (girls, here I go bragging again!) this son came to the US from Nigeria and didn’t just make the school’s honor roll for the entire year; he qualified for the USA’s National Honor Roll! That’s how we do, boo!

It was a huge fight with my husband for the boys to stay here for school because he wanted them back in Nigeria, but I explained to him that this school was where God Himself wanted them. Can you believe as much as I write about this “117” being a sign from God that His Presence is with me, BOTH of the boys were assigned computer-generated student numbers including the number “117 (Wink! Wink!).” No coincidence!!! All orchestrated by God to let the momma here know that this was indeed the school picked for them by Him.

And we weren’t disappointed. The boys continued from where they left off in Nigeria to learn focus, discipline, integrity, confidence, and courage, AND THAT THEY HAD TO WORK HARD EVERY SINGLE DAY. My daughter, Ember, said to me one day that it looked as if I had abandoned my sons. Ember, look at us now! Joshie only missed the honor roll by three points, and now he is telling me NOT to go easy on him because he wants to get into the University of Miami. Super proud momma here! Doing it all for the glory of God, baby!

I say all that to say that God is PERSONALLY INVOLVED IN OUR LIVES. It’s just for us to pay attention to all His communications that can show up everywhere. It’s really what gives your girl here her courage to take on her life. I feel God’s constant guidance in every aspect of my life. THAT STRONG FEELING/NUDGE/IMPRESSION I felt from God for the boys to stay at school in the US is what I tried to explain to my husband. Those feelings have guided me all my life to a very beautiful place. (HUGE SMILE)

I loved another exceptional communication from God today. We were leaving the graduation this morning, and I commented to the security people that I loved the name of their company, ‘ALMIGHTY Security.’ Not even an hour later, I got this message on my phone from a special messenger, Rani:

“God is saying to you, I will be your anchor in the storm. I will get you through your valley. I will lead you out of the dessert. I will be your provider. You have an ALMIGHTY (Wink! Wink!) Father in heaven who loves you. Have faith in me and know that I will keep my promises to you. Amen.”

That “Almighty” showing up in that message lined up too perfectly to be some ordinary coincidence. It was God finding a fun way to speak directly to us. I’ve learned God’s personality pretty well over the years, and His ways are endless in communicating with us. He is very talkative! Like I crazily told you guys about how God uses ducks to symbolize He is my strength. Guess where we were directed to park at the graduation by the attendant? Duck Point. Again, God’s sweet way of reminding me that His Presence accompanies me wherever I go!!! That I can have the strength, peace, comfort, and joy that passes all understanding, knowing He with me (and you can, too!). Our God is with us, and He is faithful!