My daughters say I brag too much, but I call it boasting about the greatness of God and how intimately He’s involved in every detail of our lives. Not only in my life but also in yours once you have eyes to see Him and ears to hear Him. And that’s where I get my life’s purpose from, sharing with you guys how God is so loving and how He wants to be personally involved in every moment of our lives.

Like I just hung up from my sweetie pie sister, Marilyn. I told her how God is using ducks to remind me that He is my strength to help tackle any challenge that comes my way. Every morning I see them out on my run. They come and sometimes line up on our backyard fence. I went to the mall the other day, and we parked somewhere different, and there was a duck and her ducklings at that entrance. I started talking to them, “What are you guys doing here?!?” I knew this was God’s way of showing me another glimmer of His invisible Presence with me. His love too!!! (HUGE SMILE)

Then driving back from Julie’s graduation yesterday, Ember and Julie told me about a duck that wouldn’t leave Ember alone that started running after her. To a Facebook friend sharing a video of ducks on her morning walk. This all started one day when I had to stop to wait for some ducks to cross the street, and a couple of hours later, my nephew, Duro, called me asking if I like to eat ducks because he was at a duck restaurant. I then Googled the spiritual significance of ducks, and it meant STRENGTH.

Call me crazy, but honestly, I need to tap into God’s strength more than ever. That’s why I go to my God tree every day to remind myself that I have God’s strength backing me up as I take on this super heroic role for my family right now. There is a lot going on, but I’m tapping into God’s strength on a moment-by-moment basis asking Him for the wisdom and strength to help me navigate every situation step by step. This is His loving invitation to each of us:

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” – Matthew 11:28–29

And this yoke that is used to tie two farm animals together by the neck is what I imagine God and I have tied around our necks, as I courageously go through my life with Him. When the burdens get too much for your girl, I just use it as a reminder that I’m taking on too much of the stress and not giving them to God. I constantly remind myself that I’m trusting God, and He hasn’t failed me yet. Like Kevin taught me, “God wants me to know that I’m secure in Him.” Our God is faithful! No matter the difficulties and challenges, He has our back to help guide and advise us through any tough time.

I loved watching All American yesterday when Layla gave me such a great perspective on life, saying something like she takes all the disappointments, betrayals, and unfair things that happen and responds to them with Love, Forgiveness, Hope, and Purpose. That’s what I’ve decided to do. I’m using the negativity to up my work for God to spread His fragrance everywhere. Like if you are not rolling with God, you are missing out on the best guidance, love, wisdom, help, and support available. I want us all going to God all day long, PAUSING and continually asking what He would have us do, what to say and even where to go.

Talking to someone recently about a decision they made that’s not working out too well, I asked, “Did you pray and ask God first?” They honestly replied that they didn’t, and they were just excited about the choice and did not involve God. They are now learning a costly yet very valuable lesson: INVOLVE GOD IN EVERY DECISION! Peace and excitement from Him mean move forward confidently. However, no peace, silence from Him, doubt, mean don’t move. God never answers, maybe. It’s either a BIG YES or NO. A new lesson He has taught me, though, is, “Do it afraid,” as I feel Him taking me entirely out of my comfort zone, knowing I’m secure in Him, and you are too!