I’m sure many people ask about me sharing my stories about how God Himself (only the Creator of the entire universe) reveals His invisible Presence to let me know that He is intimately involved in my life and how I feel Him directing me on a moment-by-moment basis as to what He would have me to do, what He would have me to say and where He would have me to go. It sounds insane, but that’s the great news I have for you guys; we don’t have to handle life alone; We have God (HUGE SMILE).

Are you tapping into His crucial voice for guidance in your life? Like I wrote recently about how God uses the number “211” to say that my daughter Julie’s dream university in New York is, without any doubt, where He wants her to attend. To the point that I say that if she doesn’t go there, God would be upset at me. Again, I know this sounds crazy, but this communication from God started when Julie and I dropped Ember off at her university back in January. We had an adventure day where we walked, caught a train, caught another train, caught a bus, and then walked to see where Julie wanted to attend. I wrote this the next day:

“Another wink we had yesterday was when the number 211 kept showing up for me, and we got to a university Julie wanted to visit, and incredibly the number on the building was 2011.”

Oh my goodness, the way this 211 has been showing up is just making me cry how much God is showing Himself on behalf of Julie. After she called her sister and I spoilt, I said you’re spoilt too by God. She needs some help from me, and I’ve been procrastinating about doing it, and now God Himself is on my case to make it happen for her. Yesterday we were at the office together, and we had some batteries delivered, and as the truck was leaving, I asked if we had paid for them. He said no, and I called him back into the office so I could issue a check. We needed to pay for another invoice from their previous visit, which turned out to have taken place at precisely 2:11 pm. I gave Julie the longest hug knowing this was God again, revealing Himself with us.

Even that morning, the phone in my office kept beeping, saying there were messages saved. There were only two, and one took place again at exactly 2:11 pm. I showed a pic of it to the amazed battery guy. So many times just this week, 211 has been showing up that it has been crazy. Julie had to replace her phone, and the model number was 211. We needed to call a bank, and their number included 211. I sold a car, and the insurance company’s telephone number also included 211. I gave someone a ride, and exactly where I stopped to drop them off, apartment number 211 was directly ahead of me. God has seriously been on my case to make this happen for Julie! No coincidences!! This morning, no procrastinating; I got what Julie needed completed! I don’t want God mad at me (HUGE SMILE AGAIN).

This is the love He shows our family! He is personally involved with everything that is going on with us. Like I can’t stop thanking God for the year my boys had at a new school that totally took them out of their comfort zones. They needed a shake-up in a new environment, and they are new people now! That’s why I say God exceeds my expectations. Ember commented to me that it had looked like I had abandoned my sons, and now I confidently tell her, “Look at my boys now!” It was a big fight with my husband to make this happen, but God stood with me. Now, I’m just thanking this hubby for everything he does for us. Thanks, better than best husband!

I was counseling someone today about this marriage thing, and I told them how hubs and I had WAR on Good Friday because of some things he kept saying, but it was good for us to hash out our feelings. Julie later told me that it inspired her for when she gets married to know that yes, husband and wives fight, but then she sees her dad and I make up and love each other even more. The fights bring us closer and more committed. Go figure! God has been the center of our family, and we’re sticking with Him all the way! When He told me in my spirit to call off the war and go back to being the best wife on the high road with Him, I said no problem. God is doing so much for our family that I just want to live every moment doing my best to please Him no matter what anyone else is doing.

“Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7