Yesterday, I told our daughter Julie that if you look up spoilt in the dictionary, you will find a picture of her sister, Ember. Julie quickly responded, “No, it would be a picture of you and Ember holding hands!!! Both of you are spoilt!!!” Guilty as charged! In fact, when I told hubby what Julie had said, I thanked him for spoiling us because he goes overboard in his responsibilities as a hubby and father. I mentioned that he didn’t even wish me a Happy Mother’s Day on Sunday, but I said to myself, no problem because every day is Mother’s Day and Christmas with him and God both spoiling me.

Fast forward to my time with God under our tree, look what showed up in an old post:

“..and I’m listening to DJ Khaled’s song, where I took these lyrics as God saying this to me: “It ain’t nothing for me to spoil you.” Wink! Wink! And spoil me is what God and hubby do best! (HUGE SMILE)”

Notice God’s fun and playful personality to get in on our family joke! Super spoilt God’s girl here!!! He gives me more than I can ever ask or imagine! He exceeds my expectations in every aspect of my life. Despite so many things being off track right now, I’m confident that God and I can TOGETHER get things better, step by step and little by little. Not that my life will ever be perfect and I’ll ever have everything together, but I keep my focus on God, asking for His moment-by-moment guidance as to what He would have me do, where He would have me go, and what He would have me to say.

Like I went into a little bit of a silent mode with my brother/angel, Kevin. I explained that some things were going on with me that I felt God wanted me to come directly to Him about, not to Kevin. He even confirmed it today in this song that played on my run with Him:

“I’m selfish, I want you all to Myself
You don’t need nobody else…
Now, that I gotcha here, girl
I ain’t gon’ play with you
Because there’s a lot of things
That I wanna say to you” – Selfish Song by PnB Rock

This is God’s message to us all! He wants us to Himself where we’re going through every moment of our lives with Him as our loving Partner and Guide. That’s the lesson He told me yesterday under our tree together:

“Practice the discipline of walking consciously with Me through each day.” – Jesus Calling

Yesterday, that meant holding His hand super tight when a situation arose for me to manly and bravely resolve. I felt God in my spirit saying, ‘Nik, let’s do this.’ I got to the place I needed to go, and He drew my attention to a license plate there with the number 477. Believe it or not, this was His way of letting me know He was with me with the 4 and 7 totaling 11, and the 7 next to it was my 117 combination for me to know that His invisible Presence was there with me. First thing this morning, I got the reply that everything was resolved. God’s spoilt girl here for sure!!!

Problems and stresses are a part of life, but I want our eyes fixed on God, doing our best to bravely and lovingly handle whatever we have to do and trusting that He is at work in the spiritual realm on our behalf, tweaking situations and protecting us with His love and favor. Amen!