Yesterday, I explained to someone about the ups and downs of marriage and how God must be at the center of every move we make. Being obedient to God is how He guides us on the best paths for our lives. I wrote yesterday about God directing my daughters to these top-notch universities in New York that we have no doubt that they were personally picked for them by God Himself (His love is too much!!). It ain’t always pretty, though, and He does ask us to put up with some difficult stuff at times. Not always about our personal happiness, but just constantly looking to God, asking what would make Him happy. I told them all about my meetings with God under our God tree, and he gives me specific instructions. They left with me asking one crucial question that God asks me often: It’s easy to love someone for their strengths, but can you love someone also for their weaknesses? That’s the true test of marriage!

Fast forward to this morning, I felt God saying to me in my spirit that I should go for my run (Didn’t feel like it today!!) so I could meet with Him under our tree. I got there, and I paused the Nike Running Club app. I had jogged/walked exactly .58 miles, so I decided to go to page 58 of our family’s website. Look what incredibly showed up in the first post there:

“Do you love me enough that I may be weak with you? Everyone loves strength, but do you love me for my weakness? That is the real test.” – Alain de Botton

Is that amazing or what? God figured out a way to let me know that He is intimately involved in every conversation, thought, and word I speak, and our relationships are critical to Him. Is that beautiful or what? No way this lined up so perfectly to be some random coincidence. It was God revealing His invisible Presence with me. And again, these meetings with Him under our tree give me such confidence, courage, peace, joy, love, and approval, knowing God Himself is my Support, Help, Back-up, Strategist, Counselor, Friend, Father, and Protector as I take on my life. And no, I don’t look crazy at all hugging this tree (HUGE SMILE).

This advice about loving people for both strengths and weaknesses goes for all our relationships! We need each other because this life is too hard to do on our own. God gives us the wisdom for every relationship, every circumstance, and every decision. I was telling someone how I went to the Justin Bieber concert without a mask (don’t know what I was thinking!) and ended up sick. Now, I’m trying to get my strength back together. But God has a reason for everything, and in all my weakness, He reminds me that He is my strength. THE GOD PERSPECTIVE CHANGES EVERYTHING!!! May every day bring us closer to Him. Amen!

Today, I’m at work with my sons as we take the family hustle to the next level. No shame in my game! I need God as I bravely take on this challenge not only for my kids but also for my grandkids, great-grandkids, and generations to come. Next year will make 30 years since my husband started this business, and God has stood strong with us. Our motto is “In God We Trust,” and I teach our kids that everything we do should be done to honor God. Not that we get it right all the time, but we show up trying to always give our best.

Julie told me today that I’m her ride-or-die mom. That’s me boo, and wife too!! The boys are totally upset with me right now as I keep finding fault in a car they’re cleaning (if you’re a street cleaner, be the best street cleaner, is what my mom taught me!), but that’s my crucial work from God to be the wife, mom, and person He would have me to be. Our reward is with Him! May we all do everything for the glory of God, especially in our homes. May our lives reflect Him to a watching world.