He finds the sweetest ways to let me know that His invisible Presence is with me. Yesterday, I took a pic of the lyrics of a song, feeling it was a message from God Himself to me:

“I won’t let go of you”

I smiled with God! That was at 11:58 am. Fast forward to later on that evening, I was hanging out with my son, Joshie, watching TikTok videos and he incredibly says, “Say you won’t let go.” I said what did you just say, “Say you won’t let go!” He was just repeating what one of the videos had said. I showed him the pic that I took on my phone as if God was responding to him: “I won’t let go of you.” We both freaked out in amazement! This was another one of our alignments (God winks!) where everything lined up too perfectly to be considered some ordinary coincidence. It was God Himself finding a sweet way to confirm that message to me from that song: NIK, I WON’T LET GO OF YOU.

Then, today I was talking to a friend and at the very end of our conversation I quickly rushed in these words:

“The legacy continues.”

Less than 20 minutes later, I’m playing music as I dressed for work and out of my entire library of songs, look at what lyrics randomly showed up:

“The legacy continues.” (Wink! Wink!)

Again, God figuring out another way to let me know that His invisible Presence is always with me and He is a part of every conversation, every move I make. No coincidence! And knowing that God is with me is what gives me the confidence to take on my life boldly, courageously, bravely, joyfully, peacefully knowing as I do my best in the physical real, God is at work in the spiritual realm on my behalf.

Notice how I took that pic of the song feeling so strongly in my spirit that it was a message from God to me. This is the closeness I want you guys having with God, knowing what God is saying to us on a moment-by-moment basis. He is quite talkative. His voice can show up anywhere! Like a pastor on the radio, today reminded me that God’s grace (help, favor, support) for my life is sufficient. When I am weak, He is my strength, and I can do all things with Him by my side. It was the perfect message for me all because I didn’t like the songs the other radio stations were playing (LOL!). God wanted me and you to have that reminder that His Presence is enough to tackle anything that comes our way. He got us!

It’s just for us to learn His voice through spending alone times with Him. As you take one step closer to Him, He takes 100 towards you. This life is too hard to do on our own!!! What time will your appointments with Him be? I suggest that you make Him your first priority and focus every day, reading or listening to anything spiritual that makes you feel closer to Him. Then following His leading all day long as to what he would have you to do, where He would have you to go, and what He would have you to say, seeking to please Him in all our actions. Even when He asks us to do difficult things like going the extra mile is courage, love, patience, forgiveness, and being His angels in the world. Amen.