On Saturday evening, I asked my son Joshie as he ate dinner with my husband and me. He thought about it for a little bit, then I whispered to him, “God.” I explained that this is the best gift we can give him, knowing that God is with him to guide him, stand beside him, love him, protect him and be HIS GREATEST FRIEND EVER. Fast forward to the next day, God got in on our conversation when this message showed up in a calendar:

“The greatest impression a father can leave on his child is the message of his living faith, unwavering hope, and steady trust in God that will be engraved on their heart forever.”

In our appointment with God this morning, I made both of my sons read this message telling them that this is our gift to them to pass on our faith in God. Right after dropping them off at school, I had an appointment with God at 37 minutes past the hour and on page 37 of our family’s website, and look what incredibly showed up:

“And this gift of faith that my husband and I have passed on to our kids is the best thing we can ever give them (Wink! Wink!). To have this confidence that God Himself goes with you and stands with you through life’s stresses and difficulties is PRICELESS. WE NEED HIM!”

As if God Himself showed up AGAIN to confirm this, ‘Yes, Nik, this gift of faith is the best thing you can ever give your kids!’ God is pretty talkative! No way this all lined up so perfectly on its own. From the conversation at dinner on Saturday to seeing that message in the calendar on Sunday to today at 37 minutes past the hour for me to go to page 37 of our family’s website to read this was all orchestrated by God to let us know that His Presence is always with us. It’s just for us to get to know His personality and His voice to know what He would have us do on a moment-by-moment basis. His Presence is what gives me courage, joy, and peace to take on my life superhero style, baby, all for His glory! (HUGE SMILE) God, may your will be done in our lives. Amen.

I loved a conversation my husband had with a friend recently. He had asked his friend his opinion on something we were having a disagreement about, and the friend wisely responded, “Some people would say yes, and some will say no. But, you must tap into your sixth sense (intuition, gut, instincts, Holy Spirit).” That’s what I’m talking about! Going to our sixth sense is DIRECTLY tapping into the voice of God. When hubby and I discussed the matter again yesterday, I said, “Please, let’s do what your friend suggested. Tap into our sixth sense by asking God what He would have us do. God’s guidance has brought our family this far, and I trust He will guide us to make the best decision here.”

Are you having your appointments with God? Notice I had an appointment with Him with my sons, but I also had my own alone time with Him. We must know His voice (the sixth sense is the most important one!) and the person He calls us to be. This life is a war! We need God’s wisdom, love, help, and support. Start waking up and seeking Him, asking what He has to say to you, and then pay attention to Him in the 1,000 decisions you make every day asking for His input. We don’t go wrong with God!!!