Every day I run to the end of those 47 trees God had lined up for me in celebration of my 47th birthday, and I give that last tree a high five and say, ‘GOD, WE’RE TOGETHER. WE’RE TOGETHER. WE’RE TOGETHER.’

Like yesterday, that meant parking somewhere before getting to work and having an appointment with Him. Again, no shame in my game!!! I was feeling hurt, disappointed, and frustrated, and God loves me so much because I felt Him saying to me in my spirit to read the very last day in my own book, and it was the perfect message:

“Can you imagine getting to a place where you do not feel anger, insulted, offended, or annoyed by anyone for what you believe is unfair treatment by them and having such feelings only against yourself? Wow, what a wonderful life that would be, but is that even possible humanly speaking?!?”

Well, God is truly trying to get me there, and I want to challenge you to get there with me. We’re to love others, stop judging them. Everyone is on their own path with God.

We must be professional ignorers, otherwise, we will go through our lives always offended, insulted, and frustrated. When others disappoint us, we have to shake off the hurts and disappointments immediately and keep walking humbly with God, extending grace (pardoning without punishment), forgiving endlessly, becoming better instead of bitter and loving extravagantly.” – Keep Calm, You’re Rolling With God

Not easy, but the way I’m looking at my life is that I’m on this beautiful life adventure with God. Down to a quarter of a second, He is with me. I can spend those quarter seconds enjoying Him or frustrated by other people. I pick door number one: Enjoying God. I can, therefore, hand over all the disappointments to Him, with my eyes fixed on all the roses in my life. Like getting an email from my daughter, Julie’s teacher this morning saying what a pleasure it is having her in her class. I replied, “It’s a pleasure having her as a daughter!” God has exceeded my expectations in every aspect of my life. It’s just for me to focus on the roses and not the thorns and sticking with this other message from God:

“Remind yourself that alone you are nothing. Can you acquire this beautiful habit of always being with Me? TOGETHER ALWAYS (Wink! Wink!)… Invite Me often to be present in your life, as though you gave Me a ticket for a concert. And keep Me a place of honor in the front row, as if you were concerned that I miss nothing of the spectacle, this spectacle of your daily acts, all lived for Me.” – He and I

God, it’s my honor having You in my life. May all my actions be pleasing to You. Amen.