That’s what I just wrote to my brother, Kevin. Months ago, he suggested that I take on this mindset, but your girl here still loses it and turns into the crazy lady. But as of this moment, I’m going in complete CHILL mode, not taking anything too seriously, and most importantly TRUSTING that God, my life’s Partner and Guide, has my back as I imagine Him singing these words to me:

“Maybe we can be ON CHILL tonight…I’m trying to hear all your problems so I can lighten the load. Know you’re not fighting alone because I’m protecting you from them (SO CHILL)” – On Chill, Wale

I’m so in love with God! Honestly, the only prayer that I get on my knees to say to Him is, ‘Thank You.’ I trust Him infinity percent! That gives me every reason to be on chill and relaxed, knowing that He is going through life with me and ahead of me, helping me to fight known and unknown battles. Even the battles I “lose” are wins when I take them for the team (God’s team!) that have wins of eternal value. I want everyone to see me as the wife, mother, and person God Himself would have me to be. That’s the WIN to shoot for!

And when I do this, sticking with God in all my decisions, let me tell ya, He rewards me MORE than I can ever expect or imagine! He doesn’t disappoint. I can immediately shake off the disappointments from others and keep my eyes fixed on God being the Nik He would have me to be. That includes lots of forgiving, going the extra mile in love and kindness, and staying on the HIGH ROAD with Him. 

I’m happy for all the so-called “bad” stuff I’ve been through over the past few months. They have not only brought me closer to God, but also closer to my family. I now see my life from a completely different perspective – Wow! God, You did all of this for me? I’m Nikki So Blessed for sure! 

Don’t miss out on the sweet life with God! Say, ‘God, I want a closer walk with You!’